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Interview: Incoming … This Is the Kit

Who are you and where are you from?

Kate Stables, born in Winchester. Lived in Bristol, currently living in Paris.

Who are your favourite artists from your hometown?

Rozi Plain! Rachael Dadd!

What’s it really like touring?

Like living and learning and being in a car all day every day with the same four other people.

What’s your favourite city/town/venue to play?

The Cube Cinema, Bristol

What’s your ideal festival line-up?

It’d go a little like this:

Rozi Plain
Francois and the Atlas Mountains
Rachael Dadd
Tame Impala
Jamie Harrison
Richard Dawson
Soy in Caballo (sadly no longer in existence, but while I’m here day dreaming, why the Hell not?)
The Liftmen
Viking Moses
Rev Galen
Sam Amidon
Zun Zun Egui
David Thomas Braughton

Tell us a tour story…

Once we were on tour with Jamie Harrison in Germany and his iPod did an impossible flip and slid into the thin gap under the car stereo and has never been seen since. We took the stereo out and quite a lot of the car was removed in an attempt to retrieve the aforementioned iPod, but it was no where to be found and had not been seen since. Gobbled up into the black void that is the space behind the dashboard in a Citroën Xantia. Poor old iPod. RiPod.

What has been your biggest achievement of the last year?

Last year. Let me see. It was a treat to perform at Cité de la Musique in Paris doing backing vocals for Herman Dune as part of the season they had on there about Bob Dylan. We performed the whole of the album Shot of Love, and it was an excellent evening indeed.

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What do you do to relax?


What are you reading?

Norse myths, The Wizard of Earthsea series by Ursula Le Guin, anything by Jerome K. Jerome, and For Esmé – with Love and Squalor by JD Salinger. I generally rotate around those few books all the time. Chances are I’ll always have at least one of them about my person.

How about TV, anything good on the box?

The only thing I have ever enjoyed enough to merit having a TV is Northern Exposure. I could watch it ’til I die.

What’s the last thing you bought online?

Wild Fermentation, a cook book by Sandor Ellix Katz about making your own fermented foods. Sauerkraut, sour dough, miso, kimchi, etc.

Who would you most like to collaborate with if you got the chance?

Oh Lordy, there’s a long list. But off the top of my head:

Alisadair Roberts
Boris Gronemberger from V.O.
Fabio Viscogliosi
Dominique A
Will Oldham
Sam Amidon

I’ll stop there for now.

What is the worst cover your band has ever performed?

Only ever good covers. But sometimes the performance could have been better. At ATP last December we did a version of
‘Mehbooba’ by RD Burman as it’s a song the whole band is particularly fond of and we’d been inspired by seeing the Kronos quartet do a version of it. Needless to say, there version was a lot more polished than ours.

Have you ever trashed your equipment? When and why?

Yes. Songwriting frustration tantrum. Not proud of it.

What website do you visit most? (discounting email, etc)

The BBC. Living over here in France, its a grand thing to be able to listen to the BBC radio stations. The French stations are pretty good here though, I must say. Fair play,France.

What is your favourite…

…album of the last year?

Not sure if it counts as it was released before last year but I listened a lot and a lot to
Obstacles by the Belgian band V.O..


‘I Am Oeba’ by Blake Rumfit

…Lost classic song?

‘Boy in the Bubble’ by Paul Simon

… Record label?

Mississippi Records from Portland

…current artist?


…YouTube video?

‘Jumpin’ Jive’ performed by Cab Calloway with the Nicholas Brothers

A new artist that you are most excited about?

Richard Dawson. He’s been at it for a little while, but I’m still very excited about him.

What was the last great gig you have seen?

Richard Dawson in Glasgow. Bone-crumbling beauty.

What should we expect from your Irish shows?

A few new songs. A few older ones played in a new way. And a few older songs played in the same old way. We’ve never toured in Ireland before, so who knows what adventures we’ll have and how they’ll weasel their way into the live shows. I’m hoping for pyrotechnics and choral extravaganzas, but we’ll just have to wait and see who we bump into out the back of the venues before the show. You never know, we could get lucky and bump into a choir.