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Top Story: Incoming: We Have Band

UK electronic trio We Have Band are out on tour this month in support of their second album Ternion. They play the Academy 2 in Dublin on Saturday 18th. Here’s what makes them tick.

Who are you and where are you from?
We are Thomas W-P and Darren Bancroft from London. Dede W-P from Manchester. Collectively we are We Have Band.

Who are your favourite artists from your hometown?
Joy Division – Manchester. Blur – London.

What’s it really like touring?
It’s exhilarating, exciting, exhausting, surprising, repetitive. And sometimes all at once! We love it though, its where things feel the most real and you can see the whites of people eyes and they can see yours. We give it everything on stage every single night to make it worth while and we work hard to make the touring space, on the bus and dressing rooms etc, a familiar and homely one where we can, that helps a lot.

What’s your favourite city/town/venue to play?
Our Berlin gigs seem to always be crazy and the after-party is always pretty heavy. Glastonbury is an great place to play. There’s an awesome venue in Zurich called Exil we love which has a basement dressing room with loads of old concert VHS tapes you can watch.

What’s your ideal festival line-up?
Kate Bush
LCD Soundsystem
Animal Collective
Beach House
Sufjan Stevens

Tell us a tour story…
When we played SXSW festival in Austin, Texas we did 10 shows in 4 days and it was mental. We got off the plane and our first show was 3 hours later and then we were just rushing up and down the streets the whole time getting from one show to another, setting up, packing down and moving on. It would have been 11 shows but one was a sort of house party that the police shut down. The last one we did we had Solange Knowles dancing around in the crowd which was nice.

What has been your biggest achievement of the last year?
Finishing our new album which we’re very proud of. And working with Luke Smith from Clor on it who is a very talented and super nice guy.

What do you do to relax?
Read, watch movies, listen to music, eat, drink.

What are you reading?
Darren – Watership Down by Richard Adams. The best xmas present I got this year.
Dede – Don’t Tell Alfred by Nancy Mitford. The last in a trilogy.
Thomas – The Last Tycoon by F Scott Fitzgerald. A definitive (if unfinished) take on 30’s Hollywood.

How about TV, anything good on the box?
We love the BBC iPlayer documentaries but terrestrial TV is pretty lame unless you’re really in the mood for trash.

What’s the last thing you bought online?
Dede – 70mm to 300mm telescopic lens.
Thomas – Wireless iPhone charger as a gift for Dede for touring.
Darren – A secret birthday gift for Dede!

Who would you most like to collaborate with if you got the chance?
James Murphy would be amazing, we respect him a lot. Maybe Dizzie Rascal doing a verse of a track!

What is the worst cover your band has ever performed?
We’ve only ever done a few and we feel we’ve picked pretty carefully so we’re ok here. Although we did once do Pet Shop Boys’ ‘West End Girls’ in Germany wearing wigs, comedy sunglasses and sailor hats which wasn’t a great look.

Have you ever trashed your equipment? When and why?
The early live days were pretty wild playing club nights on tiny stages in almost total darkness and loads of dry ice smoke. Lots of stuff used to go flying all over the place and slide away from us as we were dancing around. We had to stop a song once because there was so much smoke we couldn’t find our instruments. It was raw.

What website do you visit most?
Thomas – Newsnow aggregator website for Spurs!
Dede – Guardian or Golestaneh Steetstlyle Blog
Darren – Pitchfork

What is your favourite…

…album of the last year?
Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost or PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

‘Robyn – Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do’. Big tour bus favourite driving home after a show.

….Lost classic song?
‘Pointer Sisters – Automatic’ or ‘Desireless – Voyage Voyage’. Although neither are lost for us.

… Record label?
4AD have an incredible output.

…current artist?
Lykke Li is the real deal.

…YouTube video?

A new artist that you are most excited about?
Nicolas Jaar is nailing it at the moment. Azealia Banks is great.

Last great gig you went to?
We did a show with Of Montreal in Paris recently and they were so good. There were costumes changes, dance routines and the guitarist crowd surfing for a whole song while still playing.

What should we expect from your Irish shows?
Dancing. We dance a lot. And we expect you to too.