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Interview: Apparat

Apparat – aka Sascha Ring – is bringing his Apparat Live act to Crawdaddy on Saturday 13th, expect to a see a ‘tired but happy’ electronic producer extraordinaire mingling techno, electro and pop music together in delightful ways. We caught up with him for a chinwag..

How will Apparat Live Band differ from Apparat at the decks?
There is no Apparat on the decks, only Apparat live with computers or Apparat live with humans, called Apparat Band. The solo live is kinda ravey and happens mostly at clubs, that’s what I’ve been doing since ages. Then I started the band because I really wanted to play the mellow songs of my album in a live context. Playing mellow stuff with computers is just to boring and doesn’t sound organic enough. The show on Saturday is a solo-rave-show by the way…

Will you be playing songs from Duplex and Walls, and will they be arranged differently?
I always make remixes of my own songs. For both the band and the solo sets, most songs exist in three different versions.

When you write, do you write for a live band?
I never had the band in mind when I wrote songs. But it turned out it’s quite difficult to bring those compositions on stage. The only way to do it was that no one is tied to his instrument and plays whatever the song requires. But I’ll definitely have the band in mind when I make the next record!

It’s been some time since the release of Walls, is there any new material coming out?
Modeselektor + Apparat = Moderat. The album will be out next April.

What collaborations are you working on these days?
The Moderat thing plus some records I will produce. Mostly acoustic stuff cause I need some contrast in my life.

Why did you feel the need to set up your own record company? (Shitkatapult)
A long time ago we did it to be completely independent. We wanted to be able to release whatever we wanted. Short time after we figured that even if there’s no boss telling you what to release there’s still the market telling you what to do if you wanna survive. We never cared much but that’s how it was tough to survive! I don’t do the label anymore. I release on Shitkatapult but I just didn’t want to do office work anymore.

There’s a sense of paranoia about your songs, is that true?
Who’s paranoid? I figured out that different people hear certain music different. Some say it’s a happy song, for some its melancholic. Those emotions are pretty close to each others so maybe sometimes we misinterpret happiness as depression? Or maybe that’s just me…

There’s also a feeling of momentum about your music, is it influenced by the city (Berlin)?
Not really. Berlin is just my workplace. I barely leave the house when I’m here. Sometimes I do and then I end up not sleeping for three days partying like a ravekid. But who could tell by listening to my music?

Do you think they could be used in cinema?
Hopefully! I made music for a movie last year and I think that’s something I wanna do when I get tired of raving. This and record production for some cool other people.

Who do you consider your peers?
All the people I hang out with here in Berlin. Modeselektor, Ellen Alien, Pfadfinderei, T.Raumschmiere… mostly the bPitch and Shitkatapult crews.

Do you listen to much music from the US?
Actually no. Jeff Buckley was Canadian and so are Godspeed You Black Emperor. Oh, wait, Belong are from New Orleans are a great band. There are plenty but basically I can’t handle most of the American music culture…

What are your views on downloading/file sharing?
I’ve just been on tour in South America. Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia and and and. These places have no record shop and no access to CDs. Plus it might be to expensive for them to buy stuff on iTunes. But they come to your shows cause they love music. My opinion is that everyone who can afford music should buy it. The others should just download it. Music is part of culture and it would be very bad if culture is not accessible for some because of money reasons.

Do you embrace technology, i.e. do you use Facebook?
I’ve got my Myspace account and that’s enough work! I do embrace technology to a certain point but some people get lost in gear and that disturbs creativity.

Do you use Ableton Live?
I use it for my solo sets. I’ve been using software I programmed myself for a very long time. Modeselektor still use it but I found it to seductive to switch to live and let other people develop the tool I´m using. I just didn’t have enough time to keep on doing it myself.

How was your 2008?
Very unhealthy! Not enough sleep. Too much studio without food. Too many gigs and too much beer. But still superamazing!

What acts or albums impressed you?
Phosphorescent / Pride, Portishead / Third, Finn / The best low-priced heartbreakers you can own.

How is the music scene in Berlin these days?
Pretty big, mostly electronic and really into party.

What can we expect from your show this Saturday?
That I’ll look pretty tired but happy!

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