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Interview: Cut Copy

Following a triumphant show at Electric Picnic plugging the festival album of the year, Cut Copy are back tomorrow night (15th) to play a show as part of the Heineken Green Synergy festival. If you don’t have a ticket for Saturday’s show the boys are doing a DJ Set in Crawdaddy afterwards, tickets still available. State had a chat with Tim Hoey of the band ahead of the gig.

Your show at Electric Picnic was one of the highlights of the festival. How was it for you guys?
It was great; it was actually one of the best festivals we’ve done all year. We were just really surprised how good the crowd was, we just had such an amazing time there. We really enjoyed that festival. People were great, we kind of felt the show went really well there. We’ve been looking forward to coming back to Dublin to kind of capatilise on that.

So, you’re big fans of My Bloody Valentine. Did you manage to catch any of their shows this year?
Yes we did, at Electric Picnic. We actually stayed the extra day, which is a rare thing for us. We went a long as a punter at the festival, which is great, we haven’t done that for ages, since we were 15 I think. It was just great actually being at a festival. We were really excited to see the band, we got right up the front and did the whole fan out thing. I don’t feel like I do that enough any more. Yeah, they certainly didn’t disappoint, I kind of thought it was like being hypnotised with a sledgehammer or something. It was quite an amazing experience.

And did you think they pulled it off, playing in a tent?
Yeah well we saw them, I think it was 3 weeks later, in LA, in their own kind of show, you know, not a slot in a festival. I thought both times were just amazing, I was actually so surprised, I was blown away about how good it actually sounded, like I could hear everyone’s parts really well. It was an amazing, amazing experience. And you know, with one of your favourite acts, you get kind of nervous in case they don’t live up to expectations, but they certainly didn’t disappoint.

What other acts have you seen this year that inspired or impressed you?
We haven’t had the chance to see that much music. Even at the festivals, we play, and then get out. Its been kind of tough to see any new music this year. We’ve seen Hercules and The Love Affair a few times, we really love those guys, and we love their record. Their live show’s a lot of fun as well.

They put on a great show ‘¦
Yeah, they just pull it off so well. It’s kind of like that My Bloody Valentine thing, they have such commitment to their show and to their sound. They don’t play consciously, they’re just really committed to playing this amazing show. We were really impressed with those guys. And we’ve been playing with this band from Australia, called the Mercy Arms, who we’re really big fans of and it’s been great seeing their shows as well.

You’re going back to Australia to continue the tour ‘¦
Yeah, we’re doing some festivals over the summer, which is great. It’s a lot easier, we kind of do only two shows a week, it makes touring a lot easier for us. With Europe and America it’s like, ye know, 6 / 7 shows a week, so it’s been pretty brutal. We’re looking forward to putting our feet up a little bit, enjoying the sunshine.

And you’ve mapped out a US tour for next, supporting In Ghost Colours, have you put any thought into going back to the studio?
I think we’re always thinking of new ideas. One thing we’re touring for is to gather a lot of ideas and inspiration and stuff, always out looking for records or buying new gear stuff like that. You can kind of sketch out ideas when you’re on the road, its really hard when you’re playing shows night in / night out to sit down and get anything concrete down. But we’ve a lot of ideas floating around, as soon as we finish those US shows, we’re not taking any time off, we’re going to start writing and hit the studio straight away. We really want to have new record out or at least finished in the next year or so.

What records have you been buying?
A lot of stuff, a lot of disco stuff, a lot of old kraut and prog records and stuff like that’¦We’ve kind of been getting into that a lot of that stuff over the past couple of years, so its been good rediscovering those records, and I don’t know what else, just trying to find a lot of obscure or new stuff that we haven’t heard of before. Or stuff we’ve been meaning to check out but haven’t had the chance.

Have you see James Murphy / Pat Mahoney Disco Tour?
No, we didn’t, we crossed paths a lot, but we haven’t had the chance to see the show at all, it sucks, but I’ve heard it’s great. It would be great to see, hopefully they’ll bring it out to Australia or something, I don’t if they will. Or maybe next year when we’re in America, maybe we’ll see it then.

So, how does your DJ Set work?
It’ll be Dan and I, Dan and I look after the decks. Usually Mitchell, our drummer, takes care of the rider that we have. He’s the vibes man, he gets people riled up.

Are you hanging around Dublin?
We’ve actually got a killer schedule this time. We’re flying from Portugal into Dublin, we’ve got like a 4am lobby call after our show here (Portugal). We’re DJ’ing at 1am and I think we’re flying at out at 6am or something following our Dublin show to get to Paris to play a festival there.

So will you lay off the rider that night?
Yeah, we’ll be taking it very easy, but saying that, I’m not sure if everyone in the band will agree with that, I reckon I will be.

What’s been going on on the tour bus?
There’s actually been playing a lot of chess on this tour. We’ve been having a mini-chess tournament, between the band and roadies stuff, which has been good.

Who’s reigning champion?
Dan is actually going pretty good at the moment, I think he’s in the lead. It’s been kind of keeping the mind alert, I think we need that on tour.

So that and we’re big fans of The Wire, we’ve just finished watching that, series 5.

So, what can we expect from your show this Saturday?
We’re going to playing a few new tracks which we couldn’t play at the festivals, so there’ll be something new for the crowd there. It’ll be good to play indoors, I mean we love playing the crowds at festivals, but we love getting indoors we’re people get a bit crazy.

Cut Copy – Heart’s on Fire

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