by / July 27th, 2010 /

State Video: Top Story: Interview with Glen E. Friedman in pictures & audio

A few years ago, nine to be precise, I ended up wandering into my local DVD store on the hunt for something different to watch for the night. It was there, that I came across a documentary film called Dogtown and Z Boys. At the heart of the film was the tale of a group of kids who one summer revolutionised skateboarding throughout the world and went on to enjoy various degrees of success afterwards. The stories were gripping, the characters were fascinating and the soundtrack was perfect.

But it was the photography that really brought the film to life. The sense of movement and excitement captured was completely and utterly mesmerising. They were of such a calibre and had such hypnotic intensity to them, that I was sure a team of professional photographers had spent years taking and collecting them. It was then that I found that the most beautiful, gripping color photographs were taken by just a single photographer, a very young teenager, by the name of Glen E. Friedman. Glen would go on to take these skills he learnt as a kid and apply them to his other great love in life, music. What you’re about to hear is an interview I did with Glen, who describes for you, some of his favourite shots from the last four decades. It’s a journey which has taken Glen from the mosh-pits of American punk-rock with bands like Black Flag and Fugazi to the suburban streets with hip-hop where Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, LL Cool J, A Tribe Called Quest and Ice-T all became subjects in front of Glen’s lens. So, less talk, more action; press play. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand…well, you know…

Interview by Julien Clancy.
Produced and Directed by Julien Clancy.
Edited by Mark Bennett.
Special thanks to Aidan Kelly and Candy Collective.