by / March 18th, 2015 /

State Mix: Intuitive Travels In Sound

Just one of the many fine artists to be found on the seventh volume of Loud Mouth Collective compilations, Intuitive Travels In Sound (aka Sam Kay) can be found on DJ duties at this weekend’s launch show at the Twisted Pepper – headlined by Rustie and also featuring Mangetout, Lui Rwego, Costelloe and edit;erase. To give you a taste of what to expect, we asked Sam to put together the latest State Mix….

“For this I just pulled out a bunch of records of various genres around the 100 bpm mark and tried to make them fit. It was nice to get to mix a bunch of stuff around that tempo as it’s not something I’m that used to, and I had a few handfulls of tunes around that speed that I’d wanted to put together for a while.There’s some soul/disco edits, a few very laid back jazzy cuts, some hip hop and some Italo thrown in for good measure. I go to town on the Theo Parrish tunes a bit as you can see, but they’re all very different so I think I can get away with it. As the LM compilations are known for their wide variety of genres, I thought a mix like this made sense”.


Theo Parrish – ‘The Rink’ (Sound Signature – 2007)
Lord of the Isles – ‘With An Angel’ (American Standard Recordings – 2011)
Andres – ‘Things U Like’ (M1 Sessions – 2012)
Theo Parrish – ‘Summertime Is Here’ (Sound Signature – 2000)
Mr. Scruff – ‘Jazz Potato’ (Pleasure Music – 1997)
Blockhead – ‘Carnivores Unite’ (Ninja Tune – 2003)
Ric Piccolo – ‘Bermilyia Avenue’ (Bordello A Parigi – 2014)
Daenna C – ‘True To Rap’ (Hipnotech – 2010/1994)
Organized Konfusion – ‘Fudge Pudge’ (Hollywood Basic – 1991)
Theo Parrish – ‘So Now What?’ (Sound Signature – 2000)
International Music System – ‘Freeze Rock’ (IMS – 1984)
B.W.H. – ‘Stop’ (House of Music – 1983)