by / July 10th, 2015 /

Introducing: Junk Drawer

Having just yesterday released their debut EP – the charmingly introspectively titled Their Self-Loathing Debut (Mostly) – Belfast’s Junk Drawer are in no way strangers to Ireland’s underground music scene.  Comprised of members of Pigs As People (Stevie Lennox & Jake Lennox) as well as the The Thin Air’s Brian Coney, Junk Drawer are drawing from a huge pool of knowledge and influences that allows for an intriguing, raw sound.  Sludgy, via the Melvins; nuanced by psychedelic-indie leanings a la early Brett Anderson and thoroughly steeped in lo-fi, minimalistic sensibilities, this is a debut that’s been given a lot of time and a lot of care; it’s a highly more-ish listen too.  Now for some live dates, lads.