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Books: Top Story: Kat Von D interview

Kat Von D has recently ticked off another accomplishment on her growing list of achievements. The American tattoo artist and TV personality flew into Dublin last week to promote her second book – The Tattoo Chronicles. Kat took some time out of her busy schedule to speak to State about her new book, her future music project and also the pressure of being a role model.

You’re currently on a huge book tour. Does this differ from your the last one?
Yes, I was only talking to a friend of mine about the fact that I have been to London a million times but I have never had the chance to have a proper meet and greet, so it actually means a lot to me that I get to spend some with my fans like I have never been able to before. I’ve never been to Dublin or Amsterdam so that should be fun.

Your first book was a huge success, but from watching the show (LA Ink) we could see that the process was stressful due to the amount of other projects you had going on. How was it this time?
The first book was just based on the tattoo industry, and I could talk about art and tattooing all day long. The Tattoo Chronicles is made up of my journal entries over a year, where I would write about every tattoo right after as a form of self-therapy really. I never intended on reading them, let alone publishing them. It is defiantly more profound, deep and personal to me. It was already written but because the content is very personal to me, it felt like it almost took longer to pull together than that last book (High Voltage).

The content is very personal in this book. Is it hard to open up like that?
To me it’s more about the reflections I’ve had listening to people and trying to become a better listener. In turn I think teaching and learning is the same thing, this book is a form of self-therapy to me so hopefully if I am to share the stories that I have heard, it will help other people or at least make great firewood in people’s homes.

Do you plan to write any more in the future?
The first book did really well so the publishing company wanted to possibly do another book and at the time I really had no idea what I was going to do. I think this organically happened, and I am a big believer in that you shouldn’t force anything just to put out a product, so if I have something more to say I will probably write about it but for now I am just enjoying the moment.

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