by / April 28th, 2015 /

Music Is My Radar: Kate’s Party

The run-up to next month’s Marriage Equality referendum has politicised the Irish music scene in a way that we’ve certainly never seen in our seven year existence, with artists from across the genres coming together to support the Yes campaign. Kate’s Party are no exception, organising this Thursday’s Yes Fest at the Bello Bar. We asked Sarah Corcoran from the band to provide us with her favourite five tracks of the moment…

Hop Along – ‘Kids On The Boardwalk’

Hop Along are a band who I don’t remember discovering but regret not doing it sooner. They played some UK dates a couple of years ago and every time I remember that I missed them live I get a bit devastated. Every song on their last album can give me butterflies or make me cry depending on my mood. They’ve definitely inspired a lot of my recent songwriting, particularly my newfound love for abandoning the conventional verse-chorus-verse style of writing and coming up with vocal melodies I can’t sing unless my jeans are too tight. They have a new album coming out soon which I hope means a tour.

Lemuria – ‘Yesterday’s Lunch’

One of my all time favourite songs, and it takes a lot for me to commit to a bold statement like that. Lemuria remind me of summers spent in abandoned houses in Killiney making music and playing house shows. We were lucky enough to open for them the last time they were here and I could barely speak to them because I was fangirling so hard.

Waxahatchee – ‘Under A Rock’

I’ve been listening to Katie Crutchfield in her various bands for years but it wasn’t until I saw Waxahatchee perform an intimate gig in a tiny church at the beginning of this year that I fell absolutely head over heels in love with her music. ‘Under A Rock’ is one of my favourite songs right now and the music video is lovely too. The latest album Ivy Tripp just came out and it’s definitely a contender for album of the year. She’s playing here in June in the Button Factory and I can’t wait.

The Thermals – ‘I Don’t Believe You’

Another song that reminds me of summers in Killiney. There was a gorgeous abandoned house on the Church Road that many called home over the years and many more – myself included – were lucky enough to practice in. The practice room had mattresses stuck to the walls and a huge family of spiders living in it. There was a stage in the living room and bands would always play at house parties. There was a cool community around the house. One night after a party we all went down to Killiney beach and saw loads of dolphins and went swimming and then I got the first DART to work and listened to this song as loud as I could so I would stay alert enough to not miss my stop.

Bully – ‘Trying’

I just recently discovered this band and I can’t stop listening. Their lyrics are really great. Lines like ‘I question everything: my focus, my figure, my sexuality and how much it matters” and “been praying for my period all week” are absolutely perfect and a great example of a new wave of female songwriters who are pissed off with censoring themselves. Really inspiring and a really cool melody too.