by / April 8th, 2015 /

Video Premiere: Kate’s Party – You’ve Got Time

April 18th is an key day in the music calendar for 2015, with the annual plethora of limited edition releases tempting consumers back into whatever record shops they can find. For the fourth year running it will also see the Outhouse LBGT Community Centre in Dublin host Record Store Gay – a live music festival, pop up record shop and art exhibition featuring some of the best independent artists from Ireland

Limited edition Record Store Gay prints by artists including Lili Scratchy, Shark At Heart, Ickis Mirolo, Ruan Van Vliet, KAGE and many more will be for sale. Meanwhile the Record Store Gay compilation will be released on the day and features such artists as Hi Fashion, I Heart The Monster Hero, Florence Olivier, Katherine Lynch & Switzerland, Patrick Kelleher, Gross Net, The Late David Turpin, Brian Conniffe, Gar Cox, Fierce Mild, Feather Beds, GODHATESDISCO, Laura Ann Brady and many more.

The Outhouse event runs from 12pm to 6pm, before moving to the Panti Bar on Capel St to 10.30pm, and all proceeds go to the Marriage Equality campaign.

Here’s a taste of what to expect from the compilation, as Kate’s Party turn in a fabulous cover of Regina Spektor’s ‘You’ve Got Time’.