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Incoming: La Femme

La Femme sit somewhere on an idiosyncratic sound spectrum where they don’t seem to commit to one particular brand of noise making. Influenced by Cold Wave, No Wave, Surf Rock, and often found proliferating the motorik insistency of Krautrock, their’s is a musical powerhouse of vibrancy and intensity. Ever expanding, and with new music in the pipeline, we caught up with the Paris based outfit ahead of Body&Soul 2017.

You founded La Femme in Biarritz, but the kind of energetic alt-rock you play is usually more associated with Paris bands – did your other members, being from the capital, influence this sound when they joined?

Yeah some of us hung around in the punk scene in Paris when we were younger, we saw a bunch of bands and the rock scene is big. The first surf music band I saw live was in Paris in 2007 which really influenced us.

With such a large live band, do you feel it gives you more room to experiment with your sound?

Kind of, but we don’t really experiment on stage we experiment in the studio.

Who would you say were the biggest musical influences when you guys started making music?

When I started playing guitar I was into Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and I liked big guitar solo players. But when we started La Femme, our main influence was the 60’s scene, surf music, and the early 80’s cold wave scene.

Is there any current band or artist you think is doing great things?

Trance Farmers from New Orleans have great stuff, also the band suuns. In France, la tendre emeute , juniore , jacques , they are good friend of ours. All of these bands are great.

Can you tell us a bit about the process behind your last album Mystere? Did you all have a hand in writing and recording, forming the ideas for it?

We have two who write the songs, and three in the studio, then a drummer comes to do his parts and the girls come to do the vocals, we have some additional instrumentation on this record too, like bass clarinet or violin. For this we started recording in a castle in Brittany and finished it in our basement in Paris. It was a pretty long process, because we focus a lot on little details, which is both good and bad.

You’ve won quite a prestigious award for your music, how do you feel about being recognised for the music you make?

We feel good about that, it is better than nobody caring about us. But I also want to talk about all the great artists that nobody talks about who are doing really well, they don’t have awards but they deserve them. We are a lucky band in a way.

Are you working on anything new at the minute or engaging in any personal or side projects that you’re excited about?

We have a bunch of new songs we are working on, with a new style. We are really excited about it but can’t really tell you much more yet.

Now you’re on tour again and set for the festival circuit, tell us about the weirdest thing you’ve experienced on the road?

The Italian police security controlled our van one day and checked all the cars and found some dildos and erotic magazines and looked at us weird. Then Nunez from the band pretended he spoke Italian and began smoking some cigs with the cops and talking like a mafioso, it was kind of funny and weird!

What can we expect from your upcoming shows?

You can expect songs of the 1st and 2nd LP , and a good party!!