by / May 13th, 2016 /

Track Premiere: Leopard Skin Jasper – Orsic Poppy / Akka

Formed in Cork in 2014, Leopard Skin Jasper are making the kind of gauzy, vibrant experimental music that strikes us as incredibly well thought-out in its depth and execution. After spending much of last summer playing the festival circuit they recorded their first collection of tracks late last year and from these sessions has come their debut release ‘Orsic Poppy / Akka’, a double-dose of fuzzy guitars, off-kilter rhythms and melodically-charged electronic lead lines, that you can listen to exclusively on State until its general release on Monday.

‘Orsic Poppy’, a burrowing, lush excursion into ambient timbres is commanding but soothing, tying atmospheric strums soaked in reverb with a breakbeat reminiscent of early DJ Shadow or Bonobo. The vocal line, saturated in echo, traces the track, effortlessly floating above and fits perfectly in the mix before the whole thing takes off into Mogwai territory in a furious, melodic crescendo. Shivers abound.

‘Akka’ is a different beast, but no less notable. Discordant, jazz-inflected and urgent – there’s an air of melancholy and discomfort that comes by way of a halting stop-start bass hit and staccato guitar work. Building into a rhythmic exercise, ‘Akka’ delivers emotions and moods in three minutes what less technically gifted individuals might struggle to allude to in ten.

‘Orsic Poppy / Akka’  was recorded & mixed by the Deaf Brothers, AKA Rian Trench (Solar Bears/Leo Dresden) and Scan, and you can find it here from Monday. We strongly recommend you do.