by / April 17th, 2017 /

Rory Nellis Shares New Single, ‘Crossed Out’

“Getting sentimental over things that never really happened.”

This is just one of many resonating aspects of ‘Crossed Out’, the new single from the exceptional Rory Nellis. The Northern Irish singer-songwriter has garnered praise from critics as well building as a solid fanbase since 2015 following the release of his beautiful solo-debut entitled, Ready For You Now. Two years on and the progression in Nellis’ composition and lyrics is evident in what he has shared, thus far. Current single, ‘Crossed Out’ is uncomplicated in its arrangement, the combination of steady guitar picking and a lush piano are both soothing and rejuvenating on the ear. There are no gimmicks to the music, just pure talent and passion. 

‘Crossed Out’ is the fourth track to be shared by Nellis’ in recent months. It will feature along with ‘Born From Rainy Weather’ and ‘Casual Discrimination’, on his long awaited sophomore album, There Are Enough Songs In The World, due to be released this November.

Of what we have heard from this record so far, there are early indications that it is going to be very special, undoubtedly. We’re excited to hear the album in full when it comes out later on this year. Impatiently excited.