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Circuit Breakers: Mary Nally and the No Way Back party

Mary Nally is the force behind Drop Everything who have organised some of the most curious events in Ireland’s recent times including a contemporary culture event on Inis Oírr last year plus random events where Icelandic sailors bringing bottles of Opal to pop-up parties in Galway with a constant flow of world-class djs and prosecco. Never making the organising of something easy on herself, the events always stand out as many cuts above other parties seeking your hard earned dollas but this one is really pushing the boat out.

The next adventure for Drop Everything (working alongside artist co-operative Atellier 1991) is a blatantly obvious metaphor for Ireland moving forward, which also sounds like one stunner of a party. Turning a wrecking ball into a disco ball they’re taking a Namafied building of Tiger hubris and making potentially the best night out of the year, like an Irish day of the dead. The venue is still a secret but it will be near Galway city and will include: a bowling alley; an arcade; and… a plastic jungle with a real waterfall. Plus a clutch of some of the best electronic talent around from White Collar Boy to Mother club‘s Ghostboy. We asked her for a quick run through of how she did it and what it will be.

Which came first – the venue or the idea?

Ha! Chicken. Egg. In this case probably the venue. But generally the ideas are always there it’s just a matter of securing a venue which can then take an idea to another level. Like I want to throw a party in everything from a petrol station to your aul wan’s gaf. There will never be enough venues or locations to fill the ideas.

How many changes do you need to make to the interior to make it work for this party or is it so ideal it’s practically a turn-key setup?

There’s no such thing as a turn-key setup, not in our world and definitely not in this one. Why would ya bother. I can’t even begin to talk about the amount of work in setting this one up but we have a pretty fucking amazing foundation to build on that’s for sure.

Is everything left in this building going to be in operation on the night – bowling? Air hockey?

Yep! With a few ‘out of order’ dizazzos thrown in for good measure.

Have you your sights set on the next mission?

Sights set and wheels in motion. Always.

No Way Back, A party inspired by the mess we’re in.
Venue to be announced, Galway
Saturday August 17th, 2013
Frank B
Ghostboy (Mother)
John Daly
Sally Cinnamon
Bande Apartment
White Collar Boy
February & Mars & The Mechanics
Tickets €25
Facebook event