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Meltybrains? interview, video premiere and limited T-shirt giveaway

One of our Faces of 2013, Meltybrains? are certainly one of the most original Irish acts doing the rounds at the moment. Take their new EP Attention! Now That We Have Your Attention for example, which will be released exclusively via a limited number of unique T-shirts made by the band themselves. The shirts come with a individual download code that you can enter on the band’s website to get your copy of the release. The EP will also be made available for streaming on the band’s Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages on Monday the 20th of May. State spoke to the band ahead of the release.

Tell us a bit about how Meltybrains? came together…

Fergus: It’s a little known fact that Meltybrains? were a mystery-solving team before we ever played music together. We only originally picked up our instruments in order to write our theme tune. In fact, the reason that the word Meltybrains? features in so many of our lyrics is that we are still trying to write that perfect theme song, and as soon as we do, we’ll give up making music and return to our true calling, mystery solving.

Seymour: It’s also the reason why the question mark is such a big part of our iconography.

Was the aim always to do things a bit differently?

Regis: Not really no, our aims were to have fun and to make music. Not necessarily in that order but not necessarily in any other order either. That last bit sounds like a tongue twister. Any other order either. Try it. Now try it while eating dry crackers. Good job.

Did you have any collective influences?

Seamus: When we first met, the amount of collective influences we had was probably not that great. However, we were all very open minded to what everyone around us was listening to and as a result our collective influences grew. In fact, a lot of the music that we listen to now, on our own, was probably introduced to us by other band members and by listening to the music that was playing in our original hideout, Meltybrook. Some things that have, resultantly, become collective influences on us include Snarky Puppy, The Heatwave, Talking Heads, Gorillaz, James Blake and The Weeknd, some of which are things that I, personally, never would have considered listening to before I became a Meltybrain?

Do you find that all the elements of the band have to go hand in hand – music, visuals, live show?

Fabien: Yeah, tying in a dizzying array of contrasting elements has always been crucial to our way of doing things. In fact we intend to really highlight this with a planned A/V show in the Unitarian Church, for the 10 Days in Dublin Festival in July.

Are you always looking for a new angle?

Raoul: Yes. Geometrically speaking, we are engaged in a never ending search for the point on the line between 360 degrees and 0 degrees. We will find it and then, Archimedes will be put in his place. YOU’RE WRONG ARCHIMEDES! INTO THE BOLD CHAIR WITH YOU!

Is it hard to step outside of the norm? Audiences can be quite conservative…

Tequan: Meltybrains? have never attempted to step outside of the norm. We just seem to have a very different definition for normal to everyone else.

What have you got planned next?

Sullivan: Well now, things have been set in motion for a while and the wheel will never stop spinning, and spinning, and spinning. Our future was written for us the day we decided to do what we have to be forever what we will and are, you know? That and wearing no pants while hallucinating audiences ask themselves how they got into the same room as these apparently deluded individuals. That’s always good, but not as good as piecing together the endlessly flawless greatest album ever made, in the world, ever, of all time, and then literally setting it on fire, destroying every last part of it, recording the sound of it being on fire for 60 minutes and then putting that out as our debut album. Big plans, big, big plans.

We have five of the limited edition T-shirts to giveaway. To enter just let us know what you think Meltybrains? should do next and send your ideas to by 6pm on Friday 17th. Remember to include your address. The band play The Workman’s Club with The Notas on 29th May.

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