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Might Be Giants: Top Story: Might Be Giants – Courtship

Courtship is usually the beginning of a relationship. In the case of the San Franciscan project, Courtship was born out of a relationship but would go on to out live it. Earlier this year, Patric Fallon and his then girlfriend went about creating pop music they wanted to hear, “slow, sad and pretty”. Fallon recorded music to the format du-jour, casette tape, for his girlfriend to sing over. The ill-fated couple only recorded one song before going separate ways but, with the help of friends, the left over music went on to create the Kaleidoscope Days EP – a beautiful collection of covers and collaborations in dream-pop form.

Courtship – Right and Wrong from Courtship on Vimeo.

However, it was Courtship’s inspired version of ‘Ride’ by crunk princess Ciara that brought attention to Fallon’s production skills. Smooth, dark and downbeat, his version is a yang of inspective wistful bedroom mutterings to the ying of Ciara’s overt sexuality.

Ride by Courtship

Fallon has yet to play a live Courtship show though he has been busy in the studio, most recently on a reworking of Teengirl Fantasy‘s ‘Dancing in Slow Motion’ sang by Shannon Funchess. “Her voice is so powerful, unique, and brilliant in every way. I was happy just to have her voice to play with.”

Dancing in Slow Motion (Courtship Remix) by Courtship

There’s also an EP in the pipeline, Eve will have four original tunes and one cover but it won’t be quite as ethereal. “Already the music has a far darker tone to it, a heavier focus on feelings of desperation, despair, and desolation.”, Patric says, “The first EP was the memory of the days of something beautiful, and this new release is living in the night after.”

Video by Rosario Oddo, photo by Hilary Pollack.