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Might Be Giants: Top Story: Might Be Giants – MNDR

Amanda Garner is taking geek-chic to a new level. Under the moniker of MNDR this young Brooklynite (by way of Fargo, North Dakota) has been tricking about the studio since 2008 and she has writing about it along the way.

On her blog she is as likely to rave on about some obscure Kraftwerk tracks as gush over a new model synthesizer – she knows a thing or two about 303s and 808s and has reportedly designed the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s synthesizer rig.

MNDR (pronounced “man dar”) makes super-sophisticated electro-pop; mainly self-produced there’s impeccable effort put into each and every sound.

MNDR – Fade to Black

Her new EP, E.P.E., has just been released and there’s forthcoming debut full-length album on the way. Lead track from E.P.E., ‘I Go Away’, rings of Santigold but in the best possible way, besides Diplo is another of her collaborators so there’s no surprise there.

MNDR – I Go Away

Amanda has been garnering (geddit?) acclaim for her high-energy, one-woman live shows around New York. You’re going to be hearing quite a bit about this nerdy lady, she has recently collaborated with Mark Ronson and Q-Tip and you may have seen her name in some “Going Up” lists the Sunday paper’s are so fond of.

Mark Ronson feat Q-Tip & MNDR – Bang Bang Bang