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Might Be Giants: Top Story: Might Be Giants – Museum of Bellas Artes

So. At this stage the only theory we can come up with is that several of Sweden’s water reservoirs have some kind of giant soda stream attached to the filter system. Not much else can explain the ever escalating degree of quality pop emanating out of the country.

Museum of Bellas Artes, a trio from Stockholm, first came to our attention late last year with a bouncy synth-pop cover of ‘Who Do You Love’ by the Sapphires, a trio from Philadelphia. One a 7″ vinyl press in the 60s, the other a digital-only release in 2010 – both joyously soulful. And then … zip. They fell off the radar.

Museum of Bellas Artes – Who do you love

It wasn’t until October of this year that the band released their first (physical) single, ‘Watch The Glow’ in collaboration with Transparent Records.

Watch The Glow/ Museum of Bellas Artes

Museum of Bellas Artes are signed to Force Majeure and the band formed from a couple of acts on the label, namely Nhessingtons and After-School Sports. We are not using names because we don’t know any. What we do know is that we like what we know. Which is their music. A languid blend of electro pop in the vein of St. Etienne. The Days Ahead EP was released last month, the eponymous track is all echoey vocals and looped guitar goodness with a suitably Swedish video.

Museum of Bellas Artes – Days Ahead from Force Majeure Records on Vimeo.

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