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Might Be Giants: Top Story: Might Be Giants – Weekend

OK, hands up, the first time Weekend hit State’s radar was just last Friday. NPR hosted a stream of their debut album Sports and it’s been impossible to switch it off since. In our defense the San Fransican band are pretty new, they formed early last year but only started leaking songs in the last couple of months. They are getting billed as post-punk but what does that mean exactly? Aren’t Editors post-punk? These guys have certainly nothing in common with Editors.

Weekend are a three lads, Shaun Durkan (vocals, bass), Kevin Johnson (guitars) and Abe Pedroza (drums). They make noise rock with pop sensibilities. There are layers; constant squalling reverb guitars play over with what sounds like a circle saw, addictive bass-lines and relentless thrashing drums. The vocals are sometimes sunken, sometimes howling – always melancholy. There’s a gothic vibe but also punk and shoegaze. This all sounds like it should be too heavy to swallow but there’s an uplifting thread of energy flowing through the album with a warm familiar feel to the distorted guitar and pummeling beats and it somehow manages to feel sunny, or at least not as dark as it could be.

Weekend “End Times” by Slumberland Records

The band toured with Japandroids and A Place To Bury Strangers and have found a suitable home on Slumberland Records, home of Girls Names, Crystal Stilts and The Mantels.

Sports going on release tomorrow, November 9th and it has classic written all over it.

The video to ‘Monday Morning/Monongah, WV’ seems to perfectly capture the banality of suburban life as well as highlight the repetitive, cyclical and nostalgic sounds of Weekend.