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Dubstep November Mix – WTF is “Post-Dubstep”?

Over the last few months there has been a softer sound emerging from the UK underground which, while taking a lot of cues from dubstep, is blurring the boundaries between ambient, indie and hip hop. These are electronic musicians who are experimenting with different tempos, textures, and ideas to produce new forward thinking music. Post-dubstep has been the word occasionally used to describe the productions of Mount Kimbie, James Blake and others who are using the dubstep blueprint as a launching pad for their own imaginations and sofar they have been coming up with some very interesting sounds.

On’s second dubstep mix we will try to guide you through a small part of this strange and wonderful world. With the introduction of guitars Mount Kimbie have created a kind of indie aesthetic, while still holding on to the deep basslines and beats as you can hear on the first track of this mix- a wonderful remix of The XX’s ‘Basic Space’. The second track sees James Blake use a Skream-esque hook and erratic beats to great effect on ‘Air and Lack Thereof’. Mr Blake also appears with his laid back remix of Lil Wayne’s ‘A Milli’ and ‘CMYK’, one of the tracks of the year. Blue Daisy and Anneka reach shoegaze levels of blissed-out bass on ‘Blood Petal Roses’ and Kyle Hall’s ‘You Know What I Feel’ is a playful Detroit influenced take on the genre. The final track, last years excellent Moth by Burial and Four Tet, is a precursor to many of these tracks. In a break from the brooding and menacing style most people are used to, the duo show us that dubstep can be uplifting.

The XX – ‘Basic Space’ (Mount Kimbie Remix)
James Blake– Air and Lack Thereof
Sines – ‘Twitta Dat’
Kyle Hall – ‘You Know HowI Feel’
Ital Tek – ‘Spectrum’
Lil Wayne – ‘A Milli’ (James Blake Remix)
Ghostleigh – ‘Wait’
LV – ‘Walk It’
Blue Daisy & Anneka – ‘Blood Petal Roses’
Mount Kimbie – ‘Sketch on Glass’
James Blake – ‘CMYK’
Burial & Four Tet – ‘Moth’

WTF is Post-Dubstep by deletia

  • Charles F

    Loving the mixes guys, keep it up

  • john

    Interesting mix, you’re keeping it tidy and simple. Keep up the good work!

  • Didn’t Kieran and William supposedly do this track between 2004-2005? Seems a bit “pre-dubstep” if you can call it that; maybe “post-garage” would suffice, even though that’s what I would really call a lot of “post-dubstep” anyways. William was always on more of a garage tip. A dark ting no doubt. Deep~