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State Mix Series Vs Clampdown – Arveene

State in association with Clampdown presents Vol 1 of 8, a series of mixes showcasing the diversity and abilities of the Clampdown crew plus family and friends. First up is Clampdown co-founder Arveene with a selection of remixes and tracks he has done over the last year. The mix also comes with printable, foldable artwork!

Its been a good year so far for Arv, the Arveene and Misk remixes for Yo Majesty, Mr Ozio, Zombie Nation, Husky Rescue and more have put the guys firmly on the map across Europe and beyond and Arveene and Misk will be DJing at Oxegen on Friday at 10 past Midnight in the Red Bull Music Academy Stage. Check out an interview below and a Arveene remix of Mr. Oizo.

State Mix Series Vs Clampdown – Arveene

  1. In Flagranti – Business Acumen (Arveene & Misks Business Acidman mix) -Kitsune
  2. Alpha States – Champagne Glass (Arveene & Misk Remix) – Magi
  3. Husky Rescue – Shadow Run (Arveene & Misk Remix) – Catskills
  4. Arveene & Misk Ft. Detboi – Blow Your Whistle – Gung Ho!
  5. Mr Oizo – Erreur Jean (Arveene & Misk Remix) – Ed Banger
  6. Arveene & Misk – The Latin Piano – Unreleased
  7. Yo Majesty V Arveene & Misk – Club Traction – Unreleased

MP3: Working for the Clampdown Arveene Mix

Download Foldable PDF Artwork.

Interview with Arveene

State: Tell us a bit about the mix?
It’s a collection of some of our remixes, edits and an exclusive new track from the past year and a bit in the life of Arveene & Misk.

State: What’s your favourite track on it?
I’ m still loving the Mr Oizo remix but I’m happy with each track individually to be honest. ‘The Latin Piano’ has been going down really well for me in the clubs recently. We didn’t put our current single ‘Hells Bells’ on because its getting great UK promo right now, its available on Gung Ho in the UK.

State: What’s the ethos behind Clampdown?
Clampdown is and will always be about musical freedom, we had been running commercial clubs for years and wanted to do something different that was not money orientated, big name DJs like Andrew Weatherall, James Murphy, David Holmes all drop their fees to play Clampdown nights, they love it as it gives them an opportunity to play records they can’t play at full on dance clubs… We keep an open mind about music and guests plus we try to include all genres of quality music from Rockabilly to Rave and Punk to Funk, for us, it’s a standard really, we’ve done parties in Dublin, Belfast, London, Berlin and Ghent with more to follow later in the year.


What can we expect from Oxegen set?
Oxegen is going to big for Clampdown. we’ve a number of gigs going on over the weekend so it’s on. Expect us to bring party vibes to what ever stage any of our crew will be dropping tunes at.

Is that kind of festival a different challenge?
We’ve done so many festivals at this stage that it’s always a different challenge from one to the next. Oxegen is home turf so we’re well up for it.

You produced The Infomatics track for The Raw Sessions and they were just announced as winners. Proud? How was working outside your norms?

Yeah we’re stoked man, slways nice when you win something by public vote. It means that the real people have spoken. It was a cool project to be involved with, The Raw Sessions picked some of the best people in Ireland today. Myself and Misk love working out side the box and the Infomatics were a great match for us. Also we work well under pressure it seems to bring out the best in us. The whole process was great and the band were cool.

What have you got lined up aside from loads of gigs?
Loads of international remix offers coming in now thanks to the Hells Bells release, we are just locking down some international parties at the moment and apart from the gigs myself and Misk are working on the new Arveene & Misk material. We’ve some vocalists and collaborators line up… So it’s really just getting stuck in at the studio for the next few months with a few breaks for shows, Oxegen and Picnic plus a short European tour.

July 10th – Oxegen, Red Bull Arena – David Holmes, Arveene and Johnny Moy
July 11th Oxegen, XBox Arena – Johnny Moy and Jamie Skillz (VJ set)
July 11th Koko, Camden London – Jamie Skillz with Paul Gallagher
July 12th Oxegen, X Box Arena – Arveene and Misk (Live) and Morgan
July 17th Colour Tv, Dublin – Arveene + Colour TV Residents
July 18th Clampdown @ Make Up Club, Ghent. Belgium – Arveene, Jamie Skillz, Paul Gallagher & MegatronJ
July 18th Clampdown @ Wax, Dublin – Johnny Moy and Joshjoshjosh
August 1st, Andrews Lane Theatre – Arveene + Residents
Sep 3rd – Pretty Vacant, Dussledorf, Germany – Arveene and Misk (Live), Johnny Moy and Morgan
Sep 4th – Apollo, Aachen, Germany – Arveene and Misk (Live), Johnny Moy and Morgan
Sep 6th – Electric Picnic, Stradbally – Arveene and Misk (Live) and Morgan