by / January 8th, 2014 /

Faces Of 2014: Moscow Metro

With a name inspired by a suicide attack on the Russian capital, you might expect Limerick’s Moscow Metro to deal in the darker side of life. That’s not too far from the truth, but the quartet manage to lift the spirits as well as writing songs about Carl Sagan’s alleged deathbed conversion. So far the band have only released two tracks (‘Spirit Of A City’ and the Sagan referencing ‘Cosmos’) yet already there’s enough here to attract the interest of plenty at home and abroad.

Moscow Metro photographed for State’s Faces of 2014 by Olga Kuzmenko and play the State Faces of 2014 launch gig at the Mercantile on Jan 18th.

  • Dale York Clark

    I’ve read Carl Sagan, but now am compelled to find his “last words.” The music is fabulous. Would like to hear the voices a tad more. Best of luck, guys!