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Listen to Chinese Democracy now!

That’s right folks. Chinese Democracy is actually coming out. HMV and Tower in Dublin are playing the album into the ground today before its release tomorrow on Saturday (moved).

On behalf of State, Dave McLaughlin has had a listen and this is a sample taken from his forthcoming review in the next issue of State due in early December.

The audacity of Chinese Democracy alone is staggering. There’s Elton-inspired piano [the title track, -Catcher In The Rye’], industrial clamouring [-There Was A Time’] killer melodies [-Better’] and subtle hip-hop aesthetics sprinkled throughout. Thankfully, it never feels like the dated, laughing stock many were expecting. If anything, the fluidity of styles and mongrel spirit root it firmly in the present, which is an impressive feat given the breadth of time it took.

Have a listen yourselves right now:

  • ThinIzzy

    Nice snippet of review. Have been listening non-stop since it leaked earlier in the weak and despite having heard a lot of it before I love it. Its definitely not the GNR of Appetite, more a Use Your Illusion 3. First three tracks really get the album off to a great start with Sorry, This is Love and There was a time also highlights. Looking forward to full review and keep up the good work on the site.

  • The reviews I’ve read to date (mainly American) have been ridiculous. The Rolling Stone one in particular was embarrassing- it read basically like a press release, and that’s probably because it was. It’ll be nice to hear a balanced opinion on it that’s not my own!

  • Am I the only person who doesn’t care about Guns n’ Roses?

  • Patrick Conboy

    I’m with you, Dani. Vastly overrated (and annoying) band…

  • Dani, No. I don’t really care either personally.

  • What is about Guns N’ Roses that makes people feel compelled to tell people that they don’t care about the thing they’ve gone out of their way to talk about?