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A Month In: New Noise – July

Heat waves, festival season, cans by the canal whatever an Irish summer might mean to you we’ve got a few acts here that will surely provide you with a memorable soundtrack. Morning Veils, Zorch and Eat My Noise are three thrilling acts for you to mull over.

Morning Veils

Morning Veils are Aisling O’Riordan on harmonium, guitar and vocals, Rosalyn Steer on bass, keys and vocals and Elaine Howley (Altered Hours) on guitar, bass and vocals. A brand new act, with a name that reflects their often dark and haunting sound. Live, they interchange their instruments and they’ve also chosen to do so without a drummer. You might think this would hinder them slightly but they confidently command the stage without one.

They mention PJ Harvey as one of their influences, which is certainly fitting. There are hints of early Harvey in their material, particularly from To Bring You My Love; they’re an exciting and intriguing act. It’s rare you stumble across such a solid all-female act, especially one as strong live as Morning Veils. All three members are quite different and yet equally as strong musically, it’s almost a bit intimidating to witness live, to say the least. Arguably one of the most promising new Irish acts around, Morning Veils have immense potential.

While we wait (patiently) for new a demo or single to emerge, below is some recent live footage of tracks ‘Pain, Away!’ and ‘Sunken Cathedral’.


Zorch are Zac Traeger on keys, omnichord and vocals and Shmu on drums, omnichord and vocals and are a more recent addition to the Sargent House roster. The duo hailing from Austin, Texas met while studying music in Boston.This is their debut album, aptly entitled Zzoorrcchh, and it’s a culmination of almost five years of work collected, remoulded and reworked over the years. Soulful vocals are backed by phantasmagorical synths and glitchy beats; it’s such a joyous sound and almost reminiscent of the likes of Not Squares, Toro y Moi and Fuck Buttons.

They’re about to embark on a ‘House Party’ tour of the States which couldn’t suit them more, this album is the sound of the summer; of heat waves, festival season and cans by the canal … whatever Irish summers mean to you. They’re releasing it on 23rd July via Sargent House and you can stream their gorgeous single ‘We All Die Young’ here via their soundcloud:

Eat My Noise

Eat My Noise’s Moiety premiered this summer at the Cork School of Music for the Midsummer Festival with percussionist Alex Petcu and jazz drummer Tomas Gall. A stunning mix of hypnotic lighting, captivating electronics and mesmerizing percussion Moeity became a highlight for many at Cork’s Midsummer Festival. Frankly, it wasn’t far from something you might expect from either Steve Reich or Brian Eno, posing the question: who are Eat My Noise? Compiled of David Duffy and Peter Power, two composers who met during a Masters in composition at University College Cork. The Cork based duo have worked on many projects over the years with producer Irene O’Mara at the helm. Among their many past projects are Wasps vs Noise with beat poet Carl Plover and A:Volution which took place at the Midsummer Festival in 2012. Their diverse portfolio of multi-platform works is every growing and no doubt we can expect something new and compelling soon. In the meant time, you can download ‘Keep it Real’ their collaboration with Lethal Dialect here:

Main image by Bríd O’Donovan.