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Best of Lists: Top Story: The Best Irish Albums of State’s lifetime

In celebration of our birthday we asked the State team to nominate their favourite homegrown releases of the past five years. Here’s what they came up with…

30. Heathers – Kingdom

McNamara sisters dig the pop mine and strike gold.

29. Super Extra Bonus Party – Night Horses

Kildare collective leave us too soon but with a mighty swansong.

28. Bell X1 – Blue Lights On The Runway

Irish old guard enjoy a new lease of life.

27. Ham Sandwich – Carry The Meek

Fine debut hints at what was to come.

26. The Jimmy Cake – Spectre & Crown

Still working on a follow up, the Dublin instrumentalists bring the noise (and the quiet).

25. David Kitt – The Nightsaver

Dublin mainstay finds inspiration in his attic.

24. Rarely Seen Above Ground – Organic Sampler

The sound of one man drumming and then some.

23. Solar Bears – She Was Coloured In

Gorgeous electronica from the Dublin / Wicklow duo.

22. The Rags – A National Light

Attitude laden debut from feisty six piece.

21. The Redneck Manifesto – Friendship

Influential post-rockers reunite to show the youngsters how it’s done.

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  • bmaque

    Um…contentious in the extreem but I’m all for polls that throw the cat amoungst the pigeons, stir the shit and all that. Personally I think you have overlooked the likes of simple kid, ken griffin (various projects) and others but not to worry, as woy keane might say, polls are subjective at de end of de day..