by / July 8th, 2010 /

Top Story: Oxegen ’10 – 5 acts in the Dance Arena to lose your head to

  1. Aeroplane (Friday)
    Since the departure of his partner Stephen Fasano, Belgian Vito Deluca is Aeroplane. Raised amid the smoky gray of the industrial Brussels suburbs he makes music with an Italo-disco flair. He is responsible for some of the finest remixes of the past couple of years, most notably Sebastian Tellier’s -Kilometer’. Aeroplane have a huge cross genre appeal blending pop tones, psychedelic guitars, balaeric bounce, synth waves and disco beats with transcending and mesmerising force.

  2. Vitalic (Friday)
    He may have trashed the live circuit with OK Cowboy but French maestro Pascal Arbez (pictured above) wowed with follow up album Flashbomb, a more artful and subtle affair but just as intoxicating and heady as his debut. Whichever album you prefer there’s no doubt that Vitalic’s V Mirror Live set will leave you in an aurally hallucinogenic haze.

  3. A-Trak (Saturday)
    Turntabalist extraordinaire Alain Macklovitch brings some mixmaster wizardry to the Dance arena this weekend. A revered DJ, A-Trak promises some house, funk and electro as well as some hot off the press remixes dished out with unrivaled expertise.

  4. The Golden Filter (Sunday)
    OK, so we’ve mentioned these guys before but the truth is this New York / Aussie pair have dazzled us this year. Firstly with Voluspa, a solid collection of mesmeric nu-disco classics and also with their consistently impressive remixes; their collaborations with Unkle and Yeasayer are two of the best around. Soaring strings, stomping disco beats and lithe sharp vocals from the ice-hot Penelope Trappes, what’s not to love?

  5. Bitches With Wolves (Saturday)
    One of our Faces of 2010, Bitches With Wolves played a storming show last year in the Dance Arena and are back again for more glitter, glamour and adventurous musical theatrics.