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Incoming: Pale Waves

So who are you and where are you from?

I’m Heather from Pale Waves, we’re from Manchester.

How did the band come together?

Ciara and I started the band about three and a half years ago now… We spent about two of those years just writing together before Charlie and Hugo joined. Then we gigged for a while but we took about a year out to develop as a band with the lads and we’ve been playing constantly ever since. We actually can’t imagine doing anything else now.

What was it like getting signed?

It was amazing, we’ve always had a really intense commitment but to get signed was just amazing after all the work we’d put in. Since then it’s been go, go, go. And it’s rare to get any kind of a break since then either. We wake up and it’s off to the venue or to do press or whatever and then sound-check and then you have to get ready and play and then back to the hotel before starting all over again. We’re having lots of fun, but it’s hectic.

What is touring really like?

Do you know what? I absolutely love it but the worst part of it is the loading and unloading. Just taking gear in and out is absolutely exhausting! And trying to do it in a rush too… it’s just awful

What, no roadies?

Not yet. We’re still waiting on that day to come. We’d have our mates doing it but we have nowhere to put them on the bus, haha! At the moment, let’s just say, it’s very, very cosy… But because we’re playing so much we don’t really get to experience much on the road besides gigging. Myself and Ciara have managed to lose the two boys though.

Go on…

Well we were playing in Glasgow and, we’re still sharing family rooms in hotels you see, but the boys had gone out and we had an early night. We mistakenly locked them out of the hotel and they were nowhere to be seen all morning. Our motherly instincts kicked in and we found them though.

So what has been your favourite city to play so far?

We really enjoyed the Manchester show because that’s where we’re from. The venue is so familiar and we saw so many faces of people who’d been to our gigs over the last few years – to see them all again in a bigger venue was lovely. But we’re really looking forward to London tonight, and it’s sold out too. This is our third time playing here and it’s always exciting.

Have you come across any cool bands on your travels?

I’m really excited about a band called Nuna, I think they’re from LA. I love their music and the three girls are so talented, I absolutely love them.

So what’s been your biggest achievement as a band?

I think getting signed to Dirty Hit was the big one. That was incredible. Also, releasing ‘There’s A Honey’ and seeing the reaction to it was amazing, absolutely blew my mind. It’s incredible and we feel so proud of ourselves.



What’s the worst piece of advice you’ve been given?

Em, well it’s not just advice it’s just finding that people tried to make our songs into their songs, if you get me? They tried to remove our sound and replace it with theirs, we really try hard to hold onto what’s ours.

And the best?

We get loads… but when people say “you know what’s best for you” it’s true. We have to be strong willed and we’re very protective over our work.

So what does the rest of the year hold for you?

A US tour… I still can’t get my head around some of the venues. We fly out in April and we’re playing arenas, that’s just insane. We’re playing in Madison Square Garden (supporting The 1975) and I’m still in disbelief. It’s a bit surreal, really.

And what can we expect from your Irish gig?

Well because it’s a Dirty Hit gig there are four completely diverse bands playing; none of us sound the same so it will be an interesting show. It’s really cool to be sharing a bill with these other bands too.


Pale Waves play as part of the Dirty Hit Tour in Belfast on April 3rd and Dublin on April 4th. Tickets are available here.