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Photos: Death Cab For Cutie, Ambassador, Dublin

Last night saw Death Cab For Cutie bring their ‘Narrow Stairs’ album tour to Dublin. As featured in the June issue of this very magazine, it’s the sound of a band either becoming huge or disintegrating. If you were there tell us which path they’re on.

From last night’s gig comes photographic evidence by Claire Weir.

  • What a great gig, played from both the new album and extensive back catalogue, the highlight for me was ‘Cath’ though ‘No Sunlight’ and ‘I will Posess your Heart’ were very strong. Definately a gig to remember from a must see band.

  • My favourite band and my first time to see them last night. The venue was’nt the best but the band were fantastic. The set list was mixed enough to keep everyone happy and they played a 4 song encore.

    The band have changed a bit with the new album but with the prolific back catalog and the tallents of Chris at the production desk it will only be up from here. Disintegration is nowhere to be found but can any band stay this good forever. My personal feeling is that these guys are a band that will still be making great music in twenty years time.

  • katie

    Claire your photos are amazing fantastic job!!!

  • Michelle

    Great photos and excellent gig.

  • Sweetlikecandy2mysoul

    Amazing show! Death Cab keep getting better the more you listen, and after seeing them live I feel there are no signs of them disintegrating!!!! Love the pictures too!!!

  • SUZE


  • An amazing concert.
    Haven’t heard a bad word about it yet from anyone. They really sounded as great as they do on CD. Soul Meets Body and We Looked Like Giants were highlights for me, and they were the two songs I most wanted to hear but probably my surprise was I Will Follow You Into the Dark. Everyone was singing along. Great moment and great band.

  • TUG

    I tell ya what, there were a few feckers in the audience I wanted to disintegrate.

    Fine, come to the gig and have a chat by all means but hang back by the bar, I really don’t come to listen to southsiders drone on and on.

    Gig was ok, I went to see them in the Apollo last Summer in Manchester because I was convinced they weren’t going to play Dublin, I have to say that show was better. Setlist and audience much more upbeat and into it.

    Great band, great musicians overall. Sound in the Ambassador was a bit ropey which was kinda surprising as generally, I’m a fan.