by / February 2nd, 2009 /

Photos: Of Montreal, The Button Factory

There was palpable excitement eminating from State correspondents last week as Kevin Barnes and friends’ rock ‘n’ roll psychedelic party rolled into town once more. With a stellar live reputation and a penchant for dress-up, we knew it was going to be a gig worthy of photographic evidence. Julie Bienvenu came back from the gig with her visual findings.

Elsewhere Aoife Barry interviews the band and describes the gig as magical, glorious and says it featured:

A pig fellating a bishop, black spandez-clad dancers with sequinned faces, fake fisticuffs, a devilish man with ram’s legs, lashings of glitter (much of which was on my own face), beautiful people with beautiful bodies, amazing artwork and visuals, black angel’s wings, a shaving foam suit, and an unforgettable pair of tiny gold shorts.

We’d love to see how Of Montreal would get on at Oxegen.


  • Nay

    Awesome pics! Throwing himself on us in his shaving foam suit was best part…they played Hissing Fauna almost entirely!

  • Niall

    I wasnt at the gig but your photographer captured the atmosphere with jaw-dropping brilliance. What a talent and I look forward to seeing more from this lens magician!

  • Hey, Irish of Montreal fans!
    I, on behalf of the Booty Patrol, am happy you all had such a great time at the show last week. That being said, how could you not have fun at an of Montreal show??
    The band is looking for a recording of this show… Do you know if anyone taped it (decent audio quality, please?!)

    Please contact us through the Booty Patrol blog, or contact Beeps (our black-winged guitar player, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the names…) on the elephant 6 Townhall.

    aka I Rule The School