by / June 23rd, 2016 /

Interview: Ryan Wyer

Considering Aphex Twin’s last video was some 17 years ago, and featured a bone-chilling series of surreal future-ballet exercises and hideous, mutant monstrosities, it was something of a surprise (to say the least) that the return of Richard D James to the audio-visual front would be spearheaded by a 12 year old Dublin lad with a passion for fan-made videos. Yet Ryan Wyer’s visual translation of  ‘CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]‘ is a pretty perfect accompaniment to a track that, while continuing to move the Aphex further forward into the arms of his adoring legion, harks back to the kind of sublime, idiosyncratic excursions he was creating over two decades ago.

The video itself is fun; as indulgent and carefree as the RDJ early-90s modus operandi. It’s colourful, a little bit anarchic, and, most importantly, a promising beginning for what we’re sure will be a bright and interesting future for Ryan. Chris Cunningham, who? We asked the young director a few questions on his extraordinary work.

How does it feel to now be one of the most well-known music video directors in the world?

It feels really good, I am excited.

I’ve seen your other Aphex Twin fan-style videos, what do you enjoy the most about making them?

I love making videos because I love their music.

How did you get into Aphex Twin? His music is the best, right?

I listened to them before about three years ago, yes I love Richard D James’ music, it’s the best.

What’s your favourite Aphex Twin song and why is it your favourite?

‘Run the Place Red’, I always head bang to that song!!

Would you like to continue making music videos for other bands and artists?

Yes I would love to.

Who else do you like and would you consider doing a video for your other favourite bands/artists if they asked?

Autechre and Squarepusher, I like them too. Yes I would like that a lot.