by / November 23rd, 2015 /

Video Premiere: Sam Ojo – OGK

There’s a cliché that the devil has all the best tunes, but over the years those writing from a position of faith have often brought a passion and belief to music that you’d be hard pressed to find in a hackneyed rock number singing about the delights of hell and Old Nick. You’ll certainly find it in much of the ever growing homegrown hip-hop scene, rooted as it is in a traditional African background.

Sam Ojo is the latest name to come to our attention, a sixteen year old rapper and member of the BackShed Inc collective who performed for us at last month’s Lingo Festival. His track ‘OGK (Original God Knowledge)’ is hugely impressive, showcasing a rapper and lyricist already at the top of his game. It comes complete with a simple yet effective video from fellow Backshed member Steven Beatsmith. Exciting times indeed.