by / April 1st, 2013 /

Showtime: State’s gigs of the week, 1st-7th April

Tandem Felix | Grand Social, Dublin (8pm, 1st April) | €3-5

Indie outfit launch their latest EP.

Todd Terje | Limelight, Belfast (9:30pm, 1st April) | £17

Fun-loving, alliterative electro man heads to Belfast.

Olly Murs | O2, Dublin (8pm, 1st2nd April)/Odyssey, Belfast (8pm, 3rd4th April) | €44.05/€44.05/£35.50/£35.50

Cheeky chappy Mr Bojangles with a spring in his step and a song in his heart. All the mums love him.

Vaccines | Ulster Hall, Belfast (7pm, 3rd April) | £17

Former flavour of the week hopes you still like the taste.

Compuphonic | Button Factory, Dublin (11pm, 3rd April) | €6-8

Belgian producer hits up Movements this week.

AlunaGeorge | Limelight, Belfast (7pm, 4th April) | £17

Slinky electro-pop duo have the music world abuzz and a breathtakingly simple name, plus a few tunes – that never hurt anyone.

Bastille | Academy (7pm, 4th April)/Mandela Hall, Belfast (6pm, 6th April) | SOLD OUT/SOLD OUT

‘Pompeii’ chart-toppers are also playing Trinity Ball.

Hudson Taylor | Whelan’s, Dublin (8pm, 4th April) | SOLD OUT

Acoustic pop act based in London, not to be confused with the Protestant missionary of the same name. He had an impressive beard and was big in China, they don’t and aren’t.

Walk Off the Earth | Button Factory, Dublin (7:30pm, 5th April) | €18.50

Making one-man bands look perverse and lonesome since, well, last year when they were famous for a few seconds.

Young Wonder | Workman’s Club, Dublin (8pm, 5th April) | €13

Like a seven-year-old who can do infinite keepy-uppys or burp the alphabet, its Cork pop band Young Wonder.

Mosca | Twisted Pepper, Dublin (10:30pm, 5th April) | €11.75

UK dubstep on Middle Abbey St.

Tom Odell | Limelight, Belfast (7pm, 6th April) | £17

Coming atcha like a ‘Sunburn’-era Muse, it’s Tom Odell and the ignominy he carries as the winner of the Brits critics choice award.

The Magician | Bentley, Galway (10pm, 6th April) | €10

Well, at least he did better things to ‘I Follow Rivers’ than Glee. That’s something, right?

John Daly | Twisted Pepper, Dublin (10:30pm, 6th April) | €13.95

Cork producer, not a temperamental, heavy-set golfer.

Koreless | Factory, Galway (10:30pm, 6th April) | €6.30

Soulful electronica out west.

Benoit & Sergio | Button Factory, Dublin (11pm, 6th April) | €11

Sounds like a wrestling tag-team, and a poor one at that.

Ellie Goulding | Waterfront, Belfast (7pm, 6th April)/Olympia, Dublin (7pm, 7th April) | SOLD OUT/SOLD OUT

Two sold-out dates for Ellie during her Halcyon days.

David Ford | Empire, Belfast (7pm, 7th April) | €12

Mr Ford begins touring in support of Charge.

Solas | Whelan’s, Dublin (8pm, 7th April) | €17

Irish-American folk veterans spend the night on Wexford St.

Tiny Ruins | Workman’s Club, Dublin (8pm, 7th April) | €9.30

Tiny ruins, like when when a younger you got all pissy and smashed the Lego city you and your family had spent the day building.