by / May 6th, 2013 /

Showtime: State’s gigs of the week, 6th-12th May

The Specials | Olympia, Dublin (7:30pm, 6th and 7th March) | €49.65-54.65

Reformed ska legends break out the hits for two dates on Dame St.

Why? | Whelan’s, Dublin (7:30pm, 6th May) | €18.50

Yoni Wolf, the Woody Allen of American hip-hop.

British Sea Power | Academy, Dublin (7:30pm, 7th May) | €20

Brighton’s finest purveyors of epic indie rock.

Gregory Porter | Sugar Club, Dublin (9pm, 7th May) | €30.40

The smooth jazz vocalist that you just want to hug. It’d probably feel great. And check out them threads!

Tronix | Twisted Pepper, Dublin (8pm, 8th May) | TBA

American dubsteppers launch their latest EP.

Shovels and Rope | Whelan’s, Dublin (8:30pm, 8th May) | €15

The shopping list of a serial killer or a Carolina folk duo? You decide.

Fight Like Apes | Limelight 2, Belfast (9pm, 8th May)/Cyprus Avenue, Cork (9pm, 11th May) | £6/€11.75

The backlash to the backlash continues.

Mountains | Twisted Pepper, Dublin (8pm 9th May) | €20

Ambient electronica with support from Mossy Nolan.

Eric Clapton | O2, Dublin (6:30pm, 9th May)/Odyssey, Belfast (7:30pm, 10th May) | €55-81/£38-60

The Ken Barlow of rock.

RDGLDGRN | Academy 2, Dublin (7pm, 10th May) | €12

Red Gold Green, that’s how you pronounce that name. Kids and their disdain for vowels, eh?

John Murry | Workman’s Club, Dublin (8pm, 10th May)/Róisín Dubh, Dublin (9pm, 10th May)/Crane Lane, Cork (8pm, 11th May) | €15/€11.75/€12.75

Confessional American straight from William Faulkner’s grandson. The sound and the fury, indeed.

Fang Island | Róisín Dubh, Galway (9pm, 9th May)/Grand Social (8pm, 10th May) | €11.75/€14

Fang Island is actually a peninsula/fun-loving indie-rock band.

Peripheral Visionaries | Cyprus Avenue, Cork (8pm, 10th May)/Workman’s Club, Dublin (8pm, 11th May) | €14.85/€12.50

Being a peripheral visionary must be tough. Everything in focus must be a bit shit compared with the amazing revelations that you can barely glimpse.

Oneman | Twisted Pepper, Dublin (10:30pm, 10th May) | €13.95

Rescheduled date for the Rinse DJ.

Tierannisesaur | Whelan’s, Dublin (8pm, 10th May) | €12.50

The DIYSCO makers get the party started once more.

Frank Turner | Academy, Dublin (7pm, 11th May)/Limelight, Belfast (8pm, 12th May) | €15/£19

The would-be Billy Bragg, if Bragg had thought The Fountainhead was a real page-turner.

Little Green Cars | Vicar St, Dublin (7:30pm, 11th May) | €17

My mum had a Vauxhall Astra. It was a horrible pea green colour. Her next car was also small and green. She eventually got a a non-green Skoda, and that was fine.

Beyoncé | O2, Dublin (8pm, 11th and 12th May) | €74-94

Stop writing feminist think-pieces about Queen B for an evening and go watch her move her thighs in ways that will make you rethink physics as a largely knowable concept.

Surgeon | Stiff Kitten, Belfast (10pm, 11th May) | £9

Exacting rhythmic ecstasy with unseemly precision.

Emmylou Harris & Rodney Cromwell | Waterfront, Belfast (7:30pm, 12th May) | £29-32.50

A country legend and a lesser country legend tour their new collaborative album.

Lucinda Williams | Vicar St (7:30pm, 12th May) | €44.05

I’ve just confused Lucinda Williams with Liz Phair. Carry on.