by / November 4th, 2013 /

Showtime: State’s gigs of the week, 4th-10th November

Jake Bugg | Olympia, Dublin (7:30pm, 4th and 5th November) | €26.40

Stickin’ two fingers up at manufBLAH BLAH BLAH.

Womens Murder Club | Whelan’s, Dublin (8pm, 5th November) | €5

Jack the Ripper found some like-minded friends and started directing his darker urges into macabre experimental indie.

Mark Lanegan | Sugar Club, Dublin (8pm, 5th and 6th November) | €29.50

The voice you wished to develop when you started smoking.

Leaders of Men | Cyprus Avenue, Cork (9pm, 6th November) | €6.30

Tallght indie group.

Le Youth | Button Factory, Dublin (11pm, 6th November) | €8

American producer best known for mashing house and 90s RnB together. For fun, like.

Beady Eye | Olympia, Dublin (7pm, 7th and 8th November) | €37.05

Liam takes a break from his custody battle to prove how very un-rock and/or roll he is.

Depeche Mode | Odyssey, Belfast (7:30pm, 7th November)/O2, Dublin (6pm, 9th November) | £38-60/€65.45-76

The best thing to come out of Essex bar vajazzling.

Omar Souleyman | Button Factory, Dublin (8pm, 7th November) | €18

He may look like a Sacha Baron Cohen creation but the music is something else.

Floor Staff, Eulogys, Pelicans | Whelan’s (upstairs), Dublin (11pm, 7th November) | FREE until 10:30pm

Experimental pop duo headline this week’s Zebra.

Gary Numan | Button Factory, Dublin (8pm, 8th November) | €25

Electronic pioneer here to show you a good time.

Phosphorescent | Empire Bar, Belfast (8pm, 7th November)/Whelan’s, Dublin (8pm, 8th November) | £13.50-16/SOLD OUT

Yearning, spectral Americana from the Athens, Georgia Muchacho.

Rabit, Murlo | Twisted Pepper, Dublin (10pm, 7th November) | €5-8

The Glacial Sound label show off their wares at Junior Spesh.

Slow Skies | Unitarian Church, Dublin (8pm, 8th November) | €13

Fragile indie from Karen Sheridan and friends.

The Urges, the Vincent(s) | Workman’s Club, Dublin (8pm, 8th November) | €8

Garage/psych rock and heavy, idiosyncratic indie at the Wellington Quay venue.

Dusky | Twisted Pepper, Dublin (10:30pm, 8th November) | €13.95

Deep house?

Joris Voorn | Button Factory, Dublin (11pm, 8th November) | €20

Amsterdam techno DJ makes the trip over for Hidden Agenda.

Volcano Choir | Vicar St, Dublin (7:30pm, 9th November) | €20-24.50

Justin Vernon returns with his other band in tow.

Girls Names, September Girls, Princess | Whelan’s, Dublin (8pm, 9th November) | €12

Girls! Girls! Royal girls!

Mount Kimbie | Button Factory, Dublin (9pm, 9th November) | €10-15

The Cold Fault Less Youth duo finally get round to doing a Dublin headlining show.

Mike Huckaby, Joy Orbison | Bunatee, Belfast (10pm, 9th November) | €22.50

Post-dubstep beacon and Mike Huckaby, presumably not the American social conservative.

Truss | Twisted Pepper, Dublin (10:30pm, 9th November) | €10-12

Kinetic techno for your Saturday night.

The National | Odyssey, Belfast (8pm, 9th November)/O2, Dublin (8pm, 10th November) | £30/€39

I wonder if Tom got his roadie job back. God loves a tryer.

Colin Hay | Whelan’s, Dublin (7:30pm, 10th November) | €28

Former Men at Work singer and regular Scrubs guest star.