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Singles Of The Week: Fever Ray, Justice, Trey Songz, Gorillaz & more

Single of the Week

Fever Ray – ‘The Wolf’ (Rabid Records)

Beginning with a brown-note siren hum reminiscent of the bit in Carrie where she eyeballs everyone before seeking her neck crushing revenge on prom night ,you know this is going to be a peep-from-behind-the-couch kind of song. Howling repeatedly like a lupine banshee, she shows Cathy Davey how this wolf baiting is done. As a massive brain exploding crescendo engulfs the final minute, this spine tingling brilliance alone is worth the entrance fee to the crapfest that is Red Riding Hood.

The Wolf by Fever Ray

Katy Perry ft. Kayne West – ‘E.T.’ (Capitol Records)

Onwards! To Katy Perry’s latest bellow-fest. When she’s not telling us all she feels like a plastic bag (perhaps putting one over her head would help…) she’s now yelping about how making lurve to Russell Brand is akin to being fondled by an alien over a track that’s a little bit Tatu, a little bit Evanescence, a little bit yawnsome and a lot forgettable. Luckily all these alien metaphors prompt special guest star Kayne to rap about probings, abductions and the ol’ rhyming chestnut : cars, bars, mars, thanks Deborah Harry! The accompanying video has Perry decked out as a lizard eyed alien lady in an effort to Gagafiy herself. Sadly unlike ‘Born This Way’ no exploding vaginas feature in this video.

Justice – ‘Civilization’ (Ed Banger)

It’s all a bit beats by numbers round Justice’s way. For a comeback they’re playing it fairly safe with the usual fizzy bombast, shuddering pitchy noises and airy vocals about ‘the beating of a million drums’. Not that it’s horrendous, it’s a shiny, anthemic bit of nonsense that could do with a new set of tricks as the Daft Punk ‘Digital Love’ style breakdown is becoming a bit tiresome now boys. Justice’s power is in their brooding darkness, let’s hope the next ad they do is for something more fitting like the Axis of Evil rather than boring old three stripe tracksuits.

Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj – ‘Bottoms Up’ (Atlantic Records)

Who really cares about this Trey Songz person wittering on about buying the ladeez drinks that are hopefully Rohypnol free. It’s the kind of useless tosh you expect would feature heavily at Andy Carroll’s birthday party or some other drooling, knuckle dragging Premiership footballers night on the tiles that will end up as a red top horror story, y’know the kind of thing Jack Tweed would have as his ring tone. Thankfully it’s elevated to the level of bearable due to the inclusion of the scary human firecracker that is Nicki Minaj. She blitzes through the track stuttering staccato style, listing as many drinks as it probably took to get her to feature on this track. She twists words round breathlessly morphing from cutesy schoolgirl to demonic nut-crusher in a bat of her massive eyes. Play her cameo on repeat and forget the track around it ever happened.

Le Galaxie – ‘Midnight, Midnight’

If Blade Runner was shot in Baldoyle this is what the soundtrack would be. Those Le Galaxie boys are spoiling us with this speedy thrill ride. It’s a gurgling, keyboard pummelling track with Phil Oakey/DEVO style robo-vocals bursting through the ginormous, soaring hook like a massive silver disco-fist. Be prepared!

Le Galaxie – Midnight Midnight by Le Galaxie

Carl Barat – ‘Death Fires Burn At Night’ (Arcady)

Carl Barat is very upset with you all. I hope you’re happy. He’s calling us all a manner of sweary words, some even beginning with the letter ‘C’. He’s huffing and puffing and berating us all because he’s not getting rich enough apparently and people are attempting to ‘drill him for oil’ – well it’s as much as you can make out as he’s taken to unleash his ire in a bizarre mid-cough, sub-Steptoe manner. I’m sure he thinks sounding like he’s mumbling into his artfully torn jacket makes him a bit Mark E.Smith, a bit of a misunderstood genius flaneur but truthfully it just sounds like a dismally drunk Carl sighing over an unwanted Suede b-side.

Cashier No. 9 – ‘Goldstar’ (CS9)

So this is the future is it then Mr. Guardian reader? We’re sure it doesn’t just sound like the Raveonettes discovering a new fangled instrument called the harmonica? With their copies of ‘Back to Mono’ near melting point we’re treated to a David Holmes concocted ‘wall of sound’ which funnily enough is exactly like every other bombastic, wistful ’60s pastiche flying about at the moment. Yes it’s pretty, yes it twinkles and shuffles like a scruffy shoe twisting on the sticky indie nightclub floor but haven’t we all been here before? Before they grow up, cut their hair and get into Gram Parsons lets remember this as the hand-hold squeeze before the outstayed welcome.

Gorillaz – ‘Revolving Doors’ (EMI)

Damon Albarn presumably regrets choosing the birthday of the Lord himself to release this slapdash collection of on the road afterthoughts. Its curious release date and disingenious touchscreen touted USP not withstanding, The Fall has been promptly forgotten, which is surely why we’re all now subject to a full scale Plastic Disc release. Revolving Doors (sadly not a metaphor for Albarn’s personal supply of compliant collaborators) is typical of the album’s tangible wallow in nothingness. So haphazard is it in its half arsedness that Damon manages to squeeze another three syllables out of the word ‘eight’. Say what you like about ‘There’s No Other Way’ at least it had a hook.

Also Released This Week: Mazes – ‘Most Days’, Battles – ‘Ice Cream’, The National – ‘Think You Can Wait’, TV On the Radio – ‘Caffeinated Consciousness’, The Ravonettes – ‘Recharge & Revolt’, White Denim – ‘Anvil Everything’, Jodie Connor – ‘Bring It’, Hot City – ‘Go Bang!’, Oh Land – ‘Voodoo’

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    awful writing as usual,you could do with a lesson in syntax and sentence construction mate.and nicki minaj is about as enjoyable to listen to as a pair of builders trying to see if pneumatic drills can have sex.behave.