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State’s Dance & Electronic roundup

The UK funky sound has finally spread to the US, as Ghosts On Tape ably demonstrate on their Predator Mode EP. The original mix is a loungey midtempo track with a 60’s TV theme melody in the vein of The Persuaders. Roska remixes -Predator Mode’ into a big, UK Funky freak out complete with loony rave breaks and ace instructions in a weird female robot voice right out of a console shooter game. Don’t forget to check out the Soca-fied ‘Equator Jam’ and the grimey rap ‘Straight From Cassette’ on the B-side. An all-round excellent package.

Bristol based label Idle Hands has given us three massive UK funky tracks on a split EP by Atki2 & Dub Boy and Hanuman. Atki2 & Dub Boy deliver the winner with ‘Tigerflower’, which features steel drums for that ultimate soca flavour. The Grievous Angel remix of -Tigerflower’ strips out the steel drums for a more purposeful rave stride. Hanuman, meanwhile, spreads his lascivious ‘Bola’ all over the A-side. Mellow yet funky, -Bola’ is a real middle of the night tune.

-Square One’ by Moska is a mellow, mid-tempo UK funky track that pushes all the right buttons. Remixer-of-the-moment Roska mashes the tune into a sweaty, squelching rave monster. The downtempo ‘Nike’ on the flip turns up the weird keyboard factor for fans of Rustie and Zomby.

Grime don Terror Danjah stakes his claim in the UK funky gold rush with the high energy burst of -Acid’, out on Hyperdub this month. UK Funky meets 8-Bit Dancehall with shards of glass flying and high energy synth stabs. Total hardcore.

Look out, Dubstep veteran Jamie Vex’d is now recording as Kuedo. His Dream Sequence EP comes to a flying start with yet another 60’s TV theme tune buried under a hiccupping juggernaut of a rhythm on the title track. Jamie then shows he can add a touch of aching urban drama, Burial stylee, on ‘Shutter Light Girl’ and ‘Glow’. The latter is the standout track here with a stunning melody and a rhythm like zombies pulling themselves through a swamp.

Newcomer Slugabed from Brighton tables some ace 8-Bit Dancehall flavours on his Ultra Heat Treated EP for Planet Mu. This 6-track EP brims with pinball noises and Atari sounds. If you want a comparison, it has to be Japanese maverick Akira Kiteshi. Slugabed really drops a massive rhythm on ‘Pressure’ and the pounding title track ‘Ultra Heat Treated’. Also check out ‘Titans’ for its cool melody – like an 80s cassette tape mangled in your uncle’s car stereo.

Already looking forward to March, there’ll be a new 12″ by Detroit magician Kyle Hall. Barely 18, Kyle worked up a buzz with his recent remix of Darkstar’s -Aidy’s Girl is a Computer’. His own track ‘Kaychunk’ is another proof that UK funky has crossed the Atlantic. It comes across like Carl Craig with soca drums. All metallic, sparkling strings and a syncopated rhythm with that big bass drum. Watch out for this on Hyperdub next month.

By Christian Lorenz
twitter: tuneraker

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