by / May 21st, 2010 /

State’s Dance & Electronic Roundup

Fly girls and homies, shake it to the rhythm of ‘Footcrab’ by Addison Groove! Novelty hits never sounded better than this Chicago Juke inspired, 138 beats per minute rush to the head on the Swamp81 label with its infectious “f-f-f-footcrab” stutter. Juke is a sped up, high energy take on hip-hop as pioneered by a bunch of Chicago street kids. It comes with its own dance moves called Footworking, which are roughly similar to the 70’s ‘Uprocking’ gang dance, the precursor of Breakdancing. Two groups meet and form a circle (or ‘Cypher’), somebody gets in, busts his or her moves and challenges an opponent to outdo their performance. Watch those feet burn up the floor in any of Walacam’s videos on YouTube. Addison Groove is an alter ego for Tony Williams, aka Headhunter, who has been juking it up for a good few years now. ‘Footcrab’ has got real cross-over potential and will fit snugly into funky, electro and dubstep sets.

If you like Balearic sounds then look up the Geiom remix of Clouds’ ‘Protecting Hands’ (Deep Medi). A stone cold future sunset classic if you want my opinion. Geiom, aka Kemal Joory, plucks this obscure Finnish tune from 2009 and gives ‘Protecting Hands’ an ethereal sheen that makes for perfect summer evening listening. The Isan mix on the flip is a bit more obviously dub reggae influenced and very, very good indeed – But it’s the Geiom mix that’s got ‘classic’ written all over it.

Geiom this month also drops the house-flavoured bomb ‘Sugar Coated Lover’ (Berkane Sol). The remix by Brackles & Shortstuff on the flip pushes the accelerator and turns up the Funky factor with a new bassline. Going house is definitely the trend this month among UK producers. Altered Natives have the luscious, Deep house flavoured ‘Believe In Me’ out on Fresh Minute, Hackman goes Chicago House on ‘Always’ (Shifting Peaks) as does Roska on his new single ‘Love 2nite’ (Rinse). ‘Believe In Me’ and ‘Always’ also come in funky remixes courtesy of speed garage veteran Zed Bias and Brackles respectively.

Has anybody noticed how names in indie rock get longer and more obscure while dance artists these days are in the main known by single names? You got Brackles, Shortstuff and Hackman in one corner and Two Door Cinema Club and The Hundred In The Hands in the other. Any ideas how this one came about? Feel free to add a comment if you think you have the answer! Incidentally, The Hundred In The Hands have a track out called ‘Dressed In Dresden’ (Warp) which is worth checking out for the Kyle Hall and Various mixes. Detroit’s Hall tightens ‘Dresden’ into a hypnotic, mid-tempo funky roller while Various delivers his sweetest remix to date, softening the heavily 80’s new wave inflected original into loungey house.

Finally, don’t forget to check the uber-funky Altered Natives remix of Ikonika’s ‘Idiot‘ (Hyperdub) and Sami Sanchez‘ Latin flavoured ‘Dirty Salsa’ on Black Market’s new BM Funky imprint.

  • Gotta love that Addison Groove track, gonna be played out in a thousand venues this summer.