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Mix: Top Story: State Mix #32 – We Are Losers

They may be one of ours Faces of 2011 but We Are Losers lead bloke Gavin Elsted has knocking about Dublin’s indie scene for a few years now, what with Super Extra Bonus Party, his electronic project Adultrock and now with fuzz-pop upstarts We Are Losers.

The Losers make lo-fi scuzzy guitar pop with garage rock sensibilities, buried vocal melodies and electronic nuances and their State Mix is a nod to all those things and more.

MP3: State Mix #32 – We Are Losers





  1. Zach Hill – The Primitives Talk
  2. Cloud Nothings – Real Thing
  3. Cults – Go Outside
  4. Real Estate – Out of Tune
  5. White Denim – Radio Milk (How Can You Stand It?)
  6. Happy Birthday – Girls FM
  7. Echo Lake – In Dreams
  8. Gold Panda – I’m With You But I’m Lonely
  • Flood

    A couple of your mix’s appear to be broken just curious if you can sort em out as i enjoy listening to em daily