by / March 24th, 2010 /

State Intervention

State Intervention is our latest development, one that sees us move into the world of original video footage. Working with our colleagues at Bandwidth Films, we will be taking to the streets to film some of the most exciting bands from both Ireland and the rest of the world in unique and memorable locations.

Taking artists into such diverse spots as shops, bars, parks and street corners, these State gigs will be promoted purely online through our Twitter and Facebook profiles. We’ll announce the details of the shows on the day, just find your way down and become part of what’s guaranteed to be very special events.

The first State Intervention takes place this week, so sign up to find out who, were and when. In the meantime, here’s what you can expect…

BANDWIDTH / PEGGY SUE / Hatstand Blues from Bandwidth on Vimeo.

BANDWIDTH / GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS / Pulling On A Line from Bandwidth on Vimeo.