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State Issue 05, Muxtape, Listings & PDFs


It’s easy to tell that the summer is officially with us, not just because it’s raining, but because literally hundreds of bands are queuing up to visit these shores. Thus Interpol, perhaps one of the most eagerly anticipated of those guests, grace the cover of our fifth issue. It is also fitting that Kara Manning, someone who knows their home town of New York more than most, be the one to try and get to the – it turns out troubled – heart of the band. As they step up to the challenge of becoming main stage performers, Sam Fogarino wonders if the band can regain their momentum after Our Love To Admire’s difficult birth.

In addition we bring you some of the most exciting names appearing in a field near you this month. Tricky welcomes us back in to his world, a job for which certain ex-indie stars evidently need not apply. The Hold Steady have taken a while to reach this level of commercial and critical acclaim and, as Johnnie Craig finds out, are wondering what to do next. Pendulum, meanwhile, have no such problems. They just want to rock. And dance. Then there’s the Analog Festival, which we preview with the help of post-rock icons Tortoise.

Yet this wouldn’t be an issue of State if we didn’t feel the need to broaden our horizons a little and where better to start with one of the world’s biggest pop stars? Justin Timberlake has played many roles over the past decade, the latest of which looks like being a successful movie career. We met him in Beverley Hills to get the lowdown on acting, working with Madonna and the pressure of life in the public eye. Emmylou Harris sits at the other end, not only of the musical spectrum, but also in terms of life experience. Sinéad Gleeson hears all about it from the first lady of country. Bon Iver, the man who made his album in a remote forest cabin would surely approve.

Closer to home, Paranoid Visions prove that (Irish) punk’s not dead; Stuart Baille, Gary Lightbody and the rest behind Belfast’s Oh Yeah Centre look to give the Northern Irish music scene a spiritual and practical home and Tanya Sweeney looks back to the days when -No Disco’ gave the country its musical fix.

May I also take a moment to point out a couple of fine additions to the website. Over here you can find our all new, interactive listings pages (Yes, that means you can use your mouse to see what’s going on), while in Back Issues you can catch up on the first two issues of State that you might have missed in a PDF format. And don’t forget that 200 free downloads are up for grabs from the good people at the Nokia Music Store.

Have a good month however you choose to spend it and we’ll be seeing you again in print form on August 7th.

Have a listen to the Issue 05 Muxtape.


  1. Interpol – Not Even Jail
  2. Tricky – Council Estate
  3. Justin Timberlake – Love Stoned (Justice Remix)
  4. Pendulum – Propane Nightmares
  5. White Denim – Shake Shake Shake
  6. Wale – Rising Up with The Roots & Chrisette Michele
  7. Albert Hammond, Jr. – Gfc
  8. Paranoid Visions – Treasure On The Wasteland
  9. The Hold Steady – Constructive Summer
  10. Bon Iver – Skinny Love
  11. Efterklang – Caravan
  12. Tortoise – It’s All Around You

Issue 05 Muxtape

  • Frank

    Looks good.

    Enjoyed the last issue a lot more than previous ones too..

  • Jon

    Just wondering is State magazine still available in Cork coz i have been looking in Easons and other shops and i can’t find it ahhhhhhhhhhhhh