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State Issue 06: Abba, Electric Picnic and a Free CD

This month we bring you news of the latest issue of State a little earlier than normal as we feel you may well need time to prepare yourselves. Where to start? How about the cover and bloody hell, it’s only Abba. We have an exclusive interview with Benny and Björn, the architects of some of the most perfect pop music ever made. They tell us about their murky folk past, their dabblings in the world of porn movie soundtracks, love and marriage, divorce and songwriting and how they went from zeros to heroes and back again. And back, back again.

Given the month that’s in it we also look forward to the Electric Picnic, in this case meaning interviews with Tinariwen, David Holmes, Oppenheimer, Tindersticks, That Petrol Emotion, Bodytonic and Pivot as well as a special six page preview of the festival, with the words on the names you’ll know and tips on the ones you won’t.

Your eye may also be drawn to the rather handsome looking CD sat invitingly on the magazine, the first in the State vs…. series. In this case we’re taking on the Summer by bringing you a roundup of what we believe is the most exciting and vibrant Irish music scene for years. Thus you’ll find sixteen tracks from the likes of Fight Like Apes, Jape vs Delorentos, Halfset, Heathers, Super Extra Bonus Party, Fred, Carly Sings, Adebisi Shank and more, many of which you won’t have heard anywhere else. Damn fine stuff, even if we do say so ourselves. Add this to interviews with Chinese pop princess Sa Dingding, soul queen Erykah Badu, a fascinating piece on the Illegal Art label and all the usual mix of the new, the old and the interesting and you have State Issue 06 all wrapped up and ready to go.

And finally, one more thing. In celebration of the ever creeping recession, credit crunch and other financial buzz words, State now comes to you at a new, belt tightening price of just €4.95. So that’s Abba, the Electric Picnic, a CD and the best music in the world for under a fiver. No need to thank us, consider it a public service.

State Magazine – Out this Thursday.

Check out our Issue 06 Muxtape featuring songs from Issue 06 artists.

  • Joe

    Wow, that’s fantastic that the price has dropped, a real rarity too – nice one.

  • wheatln2

    Free CD, and down to a fiver. Sensible move, should have been in place since day one when I think about it!

  • Bobby

    Forget about CDs, forget about fivers… flipping Abba on the cover! Amazing.

  • Bobby

    AND Abba puns, by the looks of things.

  • Alan

    Abba, really?

  • Phil

    Oh yes. Face to face.

  • raptureponies

    Controversial… but intriguing!

  • co


  • Sean D

    would buy it just for the cd, sweet.

  • The Official Analogue Magazine Launch is on this Friday the 8th of August in the Lobby Bar, Crawdaddy. Special guest DJ’s and a live set from Storkboy Choons. Fiver in if you mention the launch party. Could you give it a plug? Kisses, Ailbhe.

  • Is this a hint that Abba might be reforming and playing electric picnic? one can only hope!

  • You just did Ailbhe. 🙂 Best of luck with the launch.

  • Dip

    Abba? Again? i had to suffer them in the 70’s, but it was worse in the 90’s. please don’t let there be another comeback.
    rapid cd though. 😉

  • just got the magazine, sadly, it was being sold for €5.15 in Spar, despite me pointing out the price you ever so kindly had printed on the cover to the shop assistant. they had stuck their own sticker on the cover at €5.15 🙁

    still, great issue once again

  • Gerry

    Savage issue. I’m a closet abba fan. The cd rocks too.
    I think the mag is getting better each issue.

  • Got sucker punched with the 5.15 charge in spar too. Down with this sort of thing.

  • [quote post=”2043″]Got sucker punched with the 5.15 charge in spar too. Down with this sort of thing.[/quote]

    Which Spar?

  • Abba issue is deadly. Just ya know, in case you were wondering!

  • longshanks

    down with this sort of thing indeed.
    5.50 in books n things in waterford, shame on them. shame on me for paying it.
    the cd’s pretty good though

  • Great issue. Bought mine in the airport – how cool is it that it’s sold there?! In between the Sudoku books and Marian Keyes. (She’s on the third shelf from the top in Hughes & Hughes, near the end. If you give her a bite of your panini, she’ll grant you a wish.)

  • Aisling’s Spoken

    the fight like apes song on the cd sounds like aqua.