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State Issue 11 – Read it here

My how time flies. It was a year ago this week that we launched the print version of State, a few weeks on the heels of Obviously a few things have changed along the way but we’re delighted that the start of our second year in operation finds us in excellent shape. Almost as good shape in fact as Richie Egan, who took this year’s Choice Music Prize to virtually universal delight. What was most pleasing was the fact that nine out of the ten nominees had appeared in our pages or on the site, with only Lisa Hannigan inexplicably absent.

While continues to grow, there are still some features that we feel work best in a magazine format. Thus in the virtual pages of issue 11 you will find Niall Byrne in conversation with Animal Collective, the band who have taken eight albums to reach the status of the name to drop but don’t intend to change a thing now they’ve got there. One band who experienced the same situation much earlier in their career were Power Of Dreams, who left Dublin to travel the world as teenagers before discovering that the winds of change were blowing through the music industry. They emerged with one stunning debut album and a lot of stories to tell.

Across the other side of the world, such concerns are of no importance to the organisers of the Lake Of Stars festival in Malawi – an amazing gathering that unites Western musicians with their African counterparts in a stunning location. DJ Kormac recounts his experiences for us. We also talk to Telepathe about the making of their dancefloor classic Dance Mother. Elsewhere Incoming brings you yet more new names to conjure with, from Two Door Cinema Club (yet more talent from the North) to Nashville’s Those Darlins, some plus opinions on Happy Mondays and Darragh McCausland on Guided By Voices. When you’re done with all that head for our review section for a comprehensive guide to what’s out there.

So enjoy your digital dose of State and keep with us here on for daily updates, reviews and features.

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  • It’s beautiful, as always.

  • Nay

    This is gold lads, I love the PDF format…I saw Power of Dreams in London as a kid!! Their story could probably still stand as a lesson in experience for many others signing to labels today though I don’t think The kinetiks will be releasing six versions of Aye Aye Aye…

    Good stuff from Kormac too. Gave those Dance Mothers a bash but their album doesn’t love me, *sigh*. Oh well, onwards and upwards, AC next…

  • Can I download this in PDF form?

  • Link updated to include PDF Ronan.

  • Thanks Niall. Great to see Tenaka in there. He’s going to be huge.

  • Nay

    Oh dear, I bet that first comment got a great laugh. What-the-fuck-ever. I’m not giving you your big debate. I don’t understand the “fans” allusion though? Because I/we disagreed, I/we ain’t real music fans? Now who’s being elitist?

  • Hugh

    Great GBV article! My own story with them almost eerily echoes Daraghs – also starting with Mag Earwig, then seeing them in The Ambassador, and eventually progressing into a full blown obsession, where at times I think that maybe no other music is actually necessary, ever. There is almost nothing about that band that to me isn’t perfect in every way. This is probably deeply unhealthy I know ….

  • Nay, I think you were meant to put this on a different post perhaps?

    Otherwise I don’t know what you’re referring to!!

  • Ken

    I enjoyed reading the Craig Walker interview… has anyone else heard the work he done with Archive?

    Some of it is really, really good.

    Check out the song ‘Again’ by Archive with Craig on vocals (from the ‘You All Look the Same to Me’album)


  • Nay

    John Walshe having a go on p44. Wevs.