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State Issue 9 out now

Well there you have it, the end of another year. As usual the debates have already started to rage about the merits of this album versus that album (not least already on this very site) and far be it for us not to add fuel to the fire. In the pages of this month’s issue you’ll find our 50 albums of 2008, presented for your howls of despair or hurrahs of agreement. We also talk to Glasvegas, the band integral to the 50, about their long journey to being an overnight success and recording a Christmas record in Transylvania.

Elsewhere, we have on offer for your delectation…

  • Seasick Steve
  • Q Tip
  • Little Joy
  • Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
  • 12 Nights To Christmas Preview
  • Cold War Kids
  • Kanye West
  • One Day International
  • Tim Wheeler

Plus Incoming, Input, Music Is My Radar and Annie Mac joins the State team. It all comes wrapped in a stunning cover from the genius that is BrenB so hurry, hurry, hurry before they all go. Find your nearist location.

  • good magazine again, but a serious question here:

    Trost released “Trust Me” in 2006, so why is it appearing in State now?

  • it’s a re-release.

  • makes sense

  • Hi… since I can’t see any very apparent ‘contact us’ link, I’ll leave this comment here…

    A bunch of copies of State are dropped off to the Helix up in DCU and the stack seems to stay static or go slowly. On the other hand if they were dropped 5mins away in the Hub etc, closer to students, the same stack would be gone in a day or two.

    I can see the point of putting them in the Helix as it’s a venue, but in reality more music along the lines of State is likely played in the Hub and the magazine would get into more peoples’ hands if it was left closer to the student population.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. This should be moved to the Hub by tonight.

  • Shauna

    Is this the last state ever?