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Mix: Top Story: State Mix #25: FUR

We introduced you to FUR about six months ago now, remember, Bryce Isbell, the 22 year old with 52 albums. Well Bryce hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. FUR have expanded 100% with the addition of Gray St. Germain Gideon and the pair are working on an EP featuring Com Truise and Houses as well as an upcoming collaboration with Solar Bears.

For State mix #25, Bryce indulges his eclectic urges and the results is a treat of funk, electronic, classical and dubstep for you to stream and/or download below.

Set List:

    00. Fur – Introduction
    01. Bobbi Humphrey – Please Set Me at Ease
    02. John Roberts – Lesser
    03. Christian Naujoks – TTT
    04. Goblin – Celesta & Bells
    05. Audion – I Am the Car Kouala
    06. James Blake – Give A Man A Rod
    07. Alain Goraguer – Méditation des Enfants
    08. Lawrence – Sunrise
    09. Orioles – It’s Too Soon To Know

Check out FUR on Twitter.

If you’re a band or DJ and would like to contribute to the State mix series, drop us a proposal or a sample mix.