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Top Story: State Social #4 – Twinkranes interview

State Social #4 takes place this Wednesday and the night will see Twinkranes take command of the decks for what is sure to be one of the more interesting DJ sets we’ve hosted so far. The past 12 months have been great for the band, which saw the release of their debut album Spektrum Theatre Snakes on the Twisted Nerve label to rave reviews. Early on a Monday morning they braved a list of pre-Social questions…

What are you expecting from the State Social?
The croop.

What should we expect from you?
Electronic madness – some danceable and undanceable tunes and hopefully no skips or gaps.

When DJing, is the main objective to please the crowd or please yourself?
Just to play what you like and hopefully you can brainwash the punters.

Who’s the best dancer in Twinkranes?
Definitely the drumming bunny but then again we’ve a new man in the ship & we haven’t stamped his dancing card yet, so he could prove to be the Rudolf Nureyev of his generation.

What’s the most unexpected record in the Twinkranes record collection?
The Pope’s Visit.

If, for some reason, one day all of your records and CDs played -Zombie’ by The Cranberries, how would you react?

What is your guaranteed floor filler?
Third Uncle.

What was your favourite club to go to when you were growing up and why?
Somewhere like the Furnace or the Ormond Multimedia Centre where they held really great raves. It was a crazy time to be in your teenage years – a pretty psychedelic time for music and a mad mix of stuff going on. Very colourful!

What was the last record you bought?
Broadcast & The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age.

What was the first song/record that got you excited about music?
It was probably Pills Thrills N’ Bellyaches.

What tune most resembles the inside of your head?
Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain.

When did you last listen to a song twice in a row?
At a recent recording session – take 200 please. Painful!

Your debut album was released on Twisted Nerve/Finders Keepers records, owned by Andy Votel. Have you had the pleasure of seeing Andy’s record collection? He must have one of the oddest collections ever…
Never seen his but we’ve been on the receiving end of some his DJ sets – not a man to be heckled while on the wheels of steel!

What are Twinkranes currently up to?
We’re currently working on new material and live stuff for later in the summer. We’re looking at getting something out in a couple of months.

The State Social #4 takes place this Wednesday, April 28th in the Mezz at Twisted Pepper, Abbey St., Dublin 1. Featuring DJ sets from Twinkranes, The Jimmy Cake, Christian Lorenz, Damien McGlynn and Loreana Rushe. As always, entry is free.