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Lists: State’s Albums of 2017

25. Mac DemarcoThis Old Dog

“Truly a creative feat….” (Shannon McNamee)

24. AlgiersThe Underside of Power

“One of 2017’s most important records….” (Keith McGouran)

23. ConvergeThe Dusk In Us

22. Sleaford ModsEnglish Tapas

“It’s a sigh of relief that a least someone is standing there sticking two fingers up to the establishment and life in general with a huge FUCK YOU!” (Robert Green)

21. Public Service BroadcastingEvery Valley

“The human spirit remains, which is always where this most extraordinary of bands will find their inspiration….” (Phil Udell)

20. Imelda MayLife. Love. Flesh. Blood.

“Chock full of show-stopping tunes….” (Shannon McNamee)

19. Jane WeaverModern Kosmology

18. BicepBicep

“Oh lord, the breaks!” (Andrew Moore)

17. Father John MistyPure Comedy

“This is not the soundtrack for the Fox News watchers….” (Nick Hetherington)

16. The xxI See You

“The most personal moments here stand out all the more for their lack of arch and distance…” (David Molloy)

15. SlowdiveSlowdive

“After a twenty two year absence, Slowdive have produced an album that lives long in the memory…” (Nick Hetherington)

14. The HorrorsV

“They’ve shape-shifted plenty already in their ten year career…” (Keith McGouran)

13. Queens Of The StoneageVillains

12. Tyler the CreatorFlower Boy

11. Wolf AliceVisions of a Life

“A second album like their first, but better…” (Shannon McNamee)

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