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Top Story: State’s albums of 2012….so far: 10 – 6

Three debuts make it into our next batch of albums of the year to date, although it’s hard to think of Jack White’s Blunderbluss in such terms after a wealth of different projects. It is his first solo excursion, though, and holds its own against the much talked about Ms Del Rey and not talked about enough alt-J. Throw in yet another exquisite effort from Chromatics and the sound of an Irish band truly coming of age and we’re done for today.

10. Jack WhiteBlunderbuss

“Not a brand new start, more of a liberation.” Review

9. Lana Del ReyBorn To Die

“At least Gaga got to release an actual album before the heavy weight feminist theorists came a-knockin’.” Review

Read our interview with Lana Del Rey here.

8. ChromaticsKill For Love

The electronic face of Portland strikes gold with fourth album.

7. DelorentosLittle Sparks

“They’ve proved that taking seven years to reach your peak can be a beautiful thing.” Review

6. alt JAn Awesome Wave

“This is a complex, challenging and dense record. It’s also bloody marvellous.” Review

  • Alt J is a new band for me, what a great discovery.  Fantastic album, go and get it