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Top Story: State’s albums of 2012….so far: 15 – 11

We’re nearly into the top ten of this year’s best albums to date, as voted for by the State team. The next five on our list range from a debut to one of music’s old stagers making a stunning return and all points in-between.

15. John TalabotFin

“Deft musicality defines the record.” Live Review

14. St EtienneWords And Music By St Etienne

“The past can often be a more romantic, easy going place than we remember.” Review

13. Glen HansardRhythm & Repose

“An album that contains pure talent and raw, emotional connection.” Review

12. ChairliftSomething

“Combining intelligent electropop, strangely earnest AOR and dark-arty experimentation, Brooklyn duo Chairlift’s second album proper is an unusual and fascinating retro-futurist treat. Caroline Polacheck and Patrick Wimberly know a thing or two about great pop hooks, distinct lyrical oddity (what is ‘Amanaemonesia’, and how do you sing it so well?), and how to produce melodic beauty from the strangest and darkest of places. Enchanting, unsettling and absorbing stuff”. (Johnnie Craig)

11. Dr JohnLocked Down

“Possessing a voice that is as raw and gritty as his style of storytelling, on his latest album Dr John reveals a beautiful yet brutally honest collection of tracks. After four decades making music, his unique blend of voodoo jumbo jazz funk has been reinvented for a whole new generation of listeners. The combination of deep south blues, spiritual folk and infectious funk makes this a must have for any music collection”. (Karen Lawlor)