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Lists: State’s Albums of 2016

What makes an album special and exceptional? There are a few things that immediately set some records apart from the rest. Songwriting, feeling, originality, synergy between the songs. It has been said repeatedly that 2016 was an astounding twelve months for music across the genres. We saw the return of artists and bands who have excited critics and music enthusiasts for several decades and in more recent years. The format of the album was challenged, reevaluated and redefined by streaming services and through the medium of creating visual stories to layer lyrical themes.

If there is anything to take from the records released in 2016 it is that the intelligence of the respective audiences have been considered. In an ever changing world, a world faced with uncertainty, violence, ignorance, destruction and turmoil we need music as a means of escapism and activism more than ever before. We need artists to use their influence and words to inspire younger generations to be well versed on what is happening around the world so that the way we think and act in the future is progressive and well rounded. For this reason, there is a lot of responsibility laid upon the shoulders of those in a position to inspire with their words. This is perhaps why there was a recurring theme of prolific musicians returning in 2016 with new material after a brief hiatus, they wanted to take time to ensure that the messages they would share would be apparent in their intent and meaning. That is why we listen to music, to find words to describe how we are feeling when we don’t have them to hand. That’s what makes an album exceptional, when it can speak to you and in turn give you the words to speak freely.

50. Car Seat HeadrestTeens of Denial (Matador Records)

49. Ryan VailFor Every Silence (Champion Sound Records)

48. Teenage FanclubHere (Merge Records)

47. ModeratIII (Monkeytown Records)

46. James BlakeThe Colour In Anything (Polydor)

45. Lisa Hannigan – At Swim (ATO)

44. Glass AnimalsHow To Be A Human Being (Harvest Records)

43. BantumMove (Independent)

42. WilcoSchmilco (Dbpm)

41. Overhead, The AlbatrossLearning to Growl (590389 Records DK2)

40. Beach Slang – A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings (Polyvinyl Record Co)

39. De La Souland the Anonymous Nobody (AOI)

38. Lisa O’Neill – Pothole In The Sky (Plateau)

37. Thee Oh SeesA Weird Exits (Castle Face)

36. Katie KimSalt (Independent)

35. Wild BeastsBoy King (Domino)

34. Tove LoLady Wood (Island Records)

33. The Altered HoursIn Heat Not Sorry (Art For Blind)

32. Death GripsBottomless Pit (Harvest Records) 

31. Roisin MurphyTake Her Up To Monto (PIAS)

30. The Radio Dept – Running Out Of Love (Labrador Records)

29. Blood OrangeFreetown Sound (Domino)

28. Windings Be Honest And Fear Not (Out On A Limb)

27. Kate Tempest – Let Them Eat Chaos (Fiction)

26. We Cut Corners – The Cadences of Others (Delphi)

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