by / March 19th, 2010 /

State’s Dance & Electronic Roundup

The girl from Rio goes -bah bah bah bah, bah bah bah bah baah baah baah baaaaah’ before the distorted Acid bass kicks in leaving no doubt that -Naked Mariokart’ by RSD is a certified rave monster. It’s only a little scat vocal sample with a whiff of Brazilian Bossa Nova about it, but boy, does it give this tune anthem potential. RSD is an alias for Bristol scene veteran Rob Smith who serves up two uncluttered mid-tempo mixes for the Black Box label. Part 2 is a bit more mellow with a reggaefied Bristol feel while Part 1 boasts that headbanger bassline that packs more energy into the -Kart’ than the relaxed tempo would suggest.

More carnage comes courtesy of fellow Bristolian Baobinga and his party banger -Ride It’ on Build Records. Get in the saddle, drop the needle straight after the first break and feel the rush of the high octane percussion knock the breath out of you. -Ride It’ is prime UK Funky with a nod to Brazilian Batucada and the percussion-crazy Go Go sound of US band Trouble Funk back in the -80s. The remix by Untold on the flip increases the warp factor by 11 which makes for a more insane, brain melting experience, but the original still does it better from the waist down.

It’s time to nice up the dance with -E10 Riddim’ by Rossi B and Luca on the Planet Mu label. This is one hell of a solid Funky rhythm that, as the London postcode in the name suggests, could very well have been tested at some shady East End afterhours parties before it got committed to vinyl. -E10 Riddim’ comes in both instrumental and vocal mixes. Check out the vocal version -Police Ar Come Run’ featuring Killa P, who adds that old skool rave feel, beaming you right back to the days of Shut Up And Dance and The Ragga Twins. -E10 Riddim’ is due out on 5th April.

If you really want to push it to fever pitch, try the aptly named ‘Hyped Up EP’ by Monkey Steak on Steakhouse Records. The title track sees MC Zulu whipping up the crowd in hyped up Soca fashion. If you are not in the mood for Zulu’s chirpy party banter, try the instrumental mix, which is called -Bombeiros! -. -Haarlem Drift’ on the flip combines the booming bass drum and rolling snares of UK Funky with a hint of deep, Detroit style chords and -Tigris Rhythm’ combines Funky with Bollywood. A stonkingly good debut by Monkey Steak, aka Atki2 and Hanuman, who recently scored with -Tigerflower’ and -Bola’ respectively.

All Martyn fans out there should look out for two recent EPs with remixes. The first EP features a very Funky take on -Hear Me’, courtesy of Zomby. The second EP sees Berghain DJ Ben Klock turning -Is This Insanity?’ into a moody, atmospheric piece of strange beauty which slowly emerges into the light riding one of Ben’s trademark clockwork Techno rhythms.

by Christian Lorenz